Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sing. Sing, Sing

Getting Ready!!!

She LOVES it!!

Morgan has now had her first real concert. They stood on risers and everything. Their group is really big. You can't see them all on these videos but believe me...they are all there LOL. On the videos you CAN see Morgan our cousin Jarron and her Friend Roxcy (standing on her right, her brother Keegan's friend Jonah is in front of her).
After Christmas, they will start new songs and Morgan has talked at least two more of her friends into joining. These clips do not to them justice but you can get the idea. They sang about ten songs I think. She had a lot of supporters there and she loved being in front of a crowd :)

Bring A Torch Janette Isabella

I Believe In Santa Claus

The Perfect Christmas Night

This was Morgan's favorite song, you can see by her smile!!!!

Morgan and cousin Jarron

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It Is Now An Official Christmas Tree

Well we FINALLY decorated our tree. The kids had a lot of fun and were very happy with the outcome. Morgan picked out and helped pay for our new angel. It was a great night.

McKinney's friend Chad came over and helped too. So we had lots of hands :)

I love being with my kids...they bring me so much joy!

Maggie, Morgan & Chey LOVE to poseThese are the ornaments my kids painted this year. We started letting them make their own last year and they loved it. So I decided to keep it up again this year. They did a great job!!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

On Sunday, my Dad and his wife Shauna, took us all out to pick out our Christmas tree. This was the first time that Keegan and Breckyn had ever gone "tree hunting". Morgan had gone once when she was tiny, so she obviously does not remember it. We had so much fun and it brought back so many memories of living in Taylor and yelling "I found one.......oh never mind it is a CEDAR" LOL

The kids (including Chey & Mags) were really excited to ride in the back of the truck.

Here we are, all ready to go :)
This is a small pond that was frozen over....the kids thought that it was so cool and wanted to skate on it ha ha

Keegan said he had the best recliner ever...he just chilled on Chey's lap all the way up the mountain.

Here is Maggie, Chey and Morgan looking for a tree.....they are such good friends :)

B found a tree just right for her (to bad we didn't have enough permits)

Keegan got cold and bored so he took a little rest...I love this picture of him

This is our tree. It only took us about 2 1/2 hours to find it (we are a little picky)
Keeg, B, Morg, Mags, Me & Chey

As you can see, it got soooo cold. Morg doesn't know I took this picture LOL

Chey, Maggie & I rode with the trees on the tailgate. My Dad had a good time pushing on the brakes and hitting every rock. He loved watching us fall, smash each other and hold on for dear life :). Thanks Dad and Shauna for a fun day and for the hot chocolate, doughnuts & cookies.
This is Erin (Chey's friend) also known (lovingly lol) as Mountain Goat.....he was nice enough to come over and help us girls put up the tree....Thanks Erin!
Maggie was in charge of the hedge clippers (not a good idea). She loved them, even using them to cut the wire that they used to tie up a few branches in a bald spot. Here she is, being a reindeer LOL (what a doof)
Well now that it is up......we wait. We will decorate it when we are all together (which is a hard task). Hopefully soon. Morgan picked out and helped buy a new Angel and they have ornaments to paint too. Pictures of that, to follow....stay tuned LOL LOL

Friday, December 4, 2009

All good things must come to an end


This is my baby girl....she ended up loving soccer and was so cute to watch. Her facial expressions are priceless.
Perfect snack to end the season.....HOT CHOCOLATE AND DOUGHNUTS!

This is the 5 Red Stars
Sidney, Sara, Breckyn, Kate & Brooklyn
Chad (Sidney's Dad) helped me coach (THANK GOODNESS)

Here are my soccer stars. They are both very good and love the game. Morgan decided to try out for a competitive league and made the Dixie Strikers FC team. She will start playing in January and basically go year round. I am not sure I am ready for all of that, 2 practices a week plus games and tourneys AND she wants to play softball too. Glad I got a job so I can pay for all this LOL. BUT, as long as she continues to get good grades, do her chores and be respectful as she is doing will be a great reward for her.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Morgan's Big Day

It was a great day!!!

So today Morgan had her first school choir performance. They sang 5 songs at Lins grocery store. I guess it is a tradition each year. This is a video of one of the songs. You have to look for her.....she is by her Friend Roxi, who is wearing a flower Morgan made her. There were about 50 kids in a very small space. My cousin Jaron was there too. It was really cute & I could see how much she loved it. :) :) They are all 4th & 5th graders.

***Make sure you turn MY music off, so you can hear the video!!!

This is PART of the choir :) :)

Then tonight, my Morgan sang her very first solo EVER! Our ward had a Dinner Theatre. We all ate as the primary kids entertained us. I was amazed by how many kids signed up. It lasted nearly 2 hours. She was so scared, she couldn't eat....she wanted to back out a few times and her friend Abi was unable to come. But after Marion (our friend) to the rescue...she sang and did amazing. You would think she had been doing this forever. She asked if we could see her knees shaking LOL..but we couldn't. After she was done, she got a roll and said "now I am done & can eat" :) I am so proud of her.

She got a lot of compliments and I got one too. I was told by the Primary President, that she was proud of the way I have raised my kids. That I was one of the "about 4" parents that kept there kids sitting and being quiet during the talent show. That was a great compliment to me, & made me proud of my children.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Photos

Since I didn't have my Blog up and running for a few months...I thought I would put some....ok a lot of pictures on here so you could all see SOME of what you missed. Hope you enjoy them.

The "Bra"
It is actually called Sand Hallow, but it is 2 dome buildings ie the name. This is the kids' favorite place to go for FHE or birthdays.
Morg, Chey, Mags, Ryke, Keeg, Jax & Breck LOL
Good form Morg

Queen of the Frog
Breck and Ryker

1st Day of school for Morg and Keeg

Morgan's new haircut and favorite outfit

Keegan's favorite outfit

So Cute - 2nd grade

Growing toooooo fast - 5th grade

My little Kindergartener
Breckyn's 5th Birthday

Her new bike

On the way to the mine
A Huge shovel
Shauna, my Dad, Lindsay, Britto, Me, Breck, my Mom, Morg, Raylee, Jill, Ryk, Mags, Keeg, Jax, Chey & Willie
Cousins under the crane

Me & my Three by the little truck

So Cute

We love to go driving on Sundays. The mountains are beautiful. This day the kids were a little tired, as you can see.
It was so cold on this trip
a little warmer
Keeg, Maggie, Breck, Chey & Morg

Little Boy.....Big Rock

My Three at the creek
SOOOOO COLD at the lake

We went to visit Papa Dan and Gramma Geri on their mission. The kids were so happy to see them.
On top of the fort

So Sweet

Soccer....this is the first year any of the kids have played. They LOVE it. Especially Morgan.

Morgan started piano lessons....yeah
The Spinning Park

Cheyanne spinning the kids. I couldn't find the one of them going really fast, but you get the idea.

Morgan is 11
She designed her cake on the her

Morg's friends at her "Late Night" party watching a movie on the tramp
Beautiful girl
My little Man
Always posing :)
Pouty faces...Keeg just looks mad LOL
right where she would love to be....nature

My Mom and the kids on one of or Sunday drives.