Friday, November 13, 2009

Morgan's Big Day

It was a great day!!!

So today Morgan had her first school choir performance. They sang 5 songs at Lins grocery store. I guess it is a tradition each year. This is a video of one of the songs. You have to look for her.....she is by her Friend Roxi, who is wearing a flower Morgan made her. There were about 50 kids in a very small space. My cousin Jaron was there too. It was really cute & I could see how much she loved it. :) :) They are all 4th & 5th graders.

***Make sure you turn MY music off, so you can hear the video!!!

This is PART of the choir :) :)

Then tonight, my Morgan sang her very first solo EVER! Our ward had a Dinner Theatre. We all ate as the primary kids entertained us. I was amazed by how many kids signed up. It lasted nearly 2 hours. She was so scared, she couldn't eat....she wanted to back out a few times and her friend Abi was unable to come. But after Marion (our friend) to the rescue...she sang and did amazing. You would think she had been doing this forever. She asked if we could see her knees shaking LOL..but we couldn't. After she was done, she got a roll and said "now I am done & can eat" :) I am so proud of her.

She got a lot of compliments and I got one too. I was told by the Primary President, that she was proud of the way I have raised my kids. That I was one of the "about 4" parents that kept there kids sitting and being quiet during the talent show. That was a great compliment to me, & made me proud of my children.