Friday, September 19, 2008

Update - Keegan

His knew found talent. This boy has no cartilage in his ears. They are so fun to pull on. (and it doesn't even hurt him LOL)

Well Keegan had 3 Dr.'s appointments this week (poor guy). The first was on Monday with a speech therapist, Sara. She said that he only has a few things that he will need therapy for from her, but that she is referring him to a feeding therapist too (yeah). She was very nice and she helped us understand allot of what he is going through.

Tuesday we saw his GI, Dr. Silbur. He was pleased with his weight gain but left him on 5 cans of Nutren Jr. a day. He also gave him a new prescription to see if it can help with his stomach aches. He did an ex ray of his stomach (normal) and some lab work (still waiting).

Thursday we went to Dr. Shafron a Neurosurgeon. He said that he cannot make a determination on whether or not his symptoms now and at infancy are due to the Chiari Malformation. SO, Keegan has to have another MRI. This time it will be under anesthesia because it will be about 4 hours long. They are checking his entire spine for abnormalities and doing some kind of ?? fluid study in the cerebellum (ask Brant). This is scheduled for November 5th at St. Joseph's. Then he wants a swallow study. They don't know yet how they will get that, since Keegan gags and throws up the barium. ?????

We have not told him what is going on yet. He has enough that he is dealing with. So I guess in this instance it is good that he is used to going to Dr.s all the time. He doesn't know any different.

He missed allot of school and spent a lot of time in Dr.'s offices and he was sooooo good. So we took him to Build-a-Bear. He made a T-Rex with a Batman t-shirt. He named him Bruce. If you are slow like I am, he is named after Bruce Wayne (duh). He has it with him everywhere. I am glad we found something else for him to find comfort in. The more the merrier.

My Aunt Donna brought to my attention that I am not in any pictures with my kids. She reminded me that they love me no matter what I "think" I look like. So, here I am with my wonderful, brave little boy..... and Bruce.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Congrats Baby Bro!

Just a little a shout out to my baby brother McKinney. He leaves on January 21st, 2009 for the Mexico City, Mexico South Mission. He is the last of my 4 brothers to go. We are so excited for him. He will be such a great missionary. He has a heart of gold and a very strong desire to do his best. I know he will follow in his big brothers' footsteps and serve an honorable mission.

At least he's not "trunky" yet! LOL
His glasses will be perfect for Mexico.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Keegan's Results

This will be short and sweet as I don't feel up to writing nor expressing much emotion about it today.

Someone said that they did not like Blogs because they make families look perfect and always happy. Well my blog defiantly does not fall under that category.

Anyway, Dr. Sweetman called us in to let us know that Keegan's EEG came back normal. That was great news, no seizures. She however let us know that his MRI had not come back the same. He has what is called Chiari (sounds like kee-o-ree?) Malformation.

This will be a very rough explaination of this, but we were not given alot to go off of. She wants us to wait till we see the surgeon......At the base of the brain there are 2 things that look like tonsils which go into the spinal cord/brain stem/whatever. They are supposed to be less then 5 mm and Keegan's are 12mm. This creates pressure and the side effects are vomiting (duh), choking (aduh), migraines and tightness in the extremities (duh again). Sorry, but I can't help but wonder why he was never checked for this before, it explains so much. Anywho, we are waiting to hear from a Neurosurgeon, who will decide whether or not Keegan will undergo surgery.

I'm sure that you can pretty much figure out how I am feeling about all of this. If not, I'll leave it to your imagination.

Thank you all for the prayers in our behalf. Please keep them up and please add a little emphasis on our poor boy. I want so much for him to have at least 6 months of a normal child's life. He is my hero and although as of late he is scared very easily, he always puts on a brave face for his wimpy mom.

We Love You Son!

"Did You Know......"

She said that she doesn't like the cut anymore and she wants me to "fix it".

So while we were in the hospital (FOREVER), Anissa had the kids and while the older 4 were at school, the little ones were outside.

Anissa called to let me know that they were playing by the horse trailer hitch and were wiping grease all over themselves. She put them in the tub and was using Dawn to clean them when she noticed that Breckyn's hair looked funny. She called and asked me if I knew that she had cut her hair. I told her that Morgan had found some hair but it was strait so I couldn't figure out where it came from and figured that Breck had gotten in to my keepsake box. Well NOW we know.

She is however, very talented. She layered it. It is 1/2in then 1 1/2in and finally 3in. EVERY day I get upset, it is hard enough to take care of her curly hair, but now I have to figure out how to keep it from standing strait up.

So this picture serves 2 purposes. 1 Morgan was excited that she "caught daddy reading". LOL AND you can see her pretty V shaped cut.

Here you can see her other layer.

In just this 1 spot it goes back a few inches.

See how pretty it looks blowing in the wind?

Here is the only way I have figured out how to hide it. But it only lasts a few hours. She is still so beautiful. With or without her haircut.