Friday, December 19, 2008

You're 32!

Tomorrow is Anissa'a birthday. I usually only do my kids and Troy's b-days on the blog but I just needed to do this one too.

Anissa and I grew up together and were in the same ward for most of the years at home. We were always "friends", you know the kind that you talk to and know the 411 about but we were never really close. So about 5 years ago, when we got caught in a hail storm and the power lines were down, not only were we scared but also surprised. Turns out Jolene, Mike's sister(we also grew up together) was in the car in front of us and her windows had been broken. Mike came to rescue her and I shouted at him to come over. When he told us where he lived,I have to admit I was excited and terrified all at once. I don't know about you, but I for one don't like to see people from my past. Not because I am ashamed of anything I did or who I was but because it turns out people aren't all that they seem to be in High School.

ANYWAY, after a while Mike (Anissa's hubby) started coming over to work with and use some of Troy's tools. They made fast friends. For all of you who know them both, you will not be surprised by that one. :) Anissa and I got together a little slower (we are a lot alike). I was cautious at first, no one except Kandi and Tiffany T. had ever been "true" friends to me.

Today, I am so thankful that my pain in the butt husband and Anissa's pain in the butt got us hanging out. Without them, I know we would have still come together but with a lot of wasted time.

Anissa is........very hard to explain in words. She has a love for life unlike most. She loves her kids, her dogs, her HORSES, her husband,her family and me/mine(not in that order LOL). She has become my one complete confidante. She knows it all, good and bad (even when she doesn't want to I'm sure). She is always there to be crazy when I needed to smile and to be firm when I needed to "see". She is my kid's 2nd mother. She knows everything about them, their schedule, meds, needs, wants and interests. Even the school knows they belong to her too.

This was not meant to be so long but I am not sure what to take out.

Anissa, I want you to know how grateful I am for you and your friendship. For your kindness, honesty, loyalty and unconditional love. You will never know how much I care for you and how often I pray that you will not leave me here, without you. I honestly don't know how I would survive or how I have survived without you.
I love you and I hope you have a great birthday.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To My Faithful Followers.....

Ok, I am finally updating my blog. It has taken me ALL day but I know you will enjoy it and you know I ONLY do it for you LOL.

So there are 3 yes 3 new posts today. I hope you enjoy them.

This is our Christmas card. Most of you got one and if you didn't, please know that this ONE is just for you.


P.S. I love you all!

At Home With Grandpa

We love you Grandpa!
Here is Grandpa, Breckyn, Morgan, Keegan, Jax and Ryker in front of the fireplace.

When we went to Show Low, we stayed with Grandpa Nikolaus (my dad's dad). I love staying there, it makes me feel little again. We always sleep in the back bedroom which has 2 beds. This time we didn't sleep to well since the wind was blowing so bad that it woke the kids up. so in turn, we woke up everybody with 1 little phone call hehehe.

When we came back from the party, we showed Ajax to his room. We let him know that because we love him, we saved the softest bed for him. At first sight he did not say a word. But after a little bit he was very happy with our gift.

My girls and Ajax just chillin in the "pink bedroom"

Maggie got a little jealous so she had to get in on the action. hehe

Keegan loves to be with Grandpa

Everybody was soooo tired.
That night my cousin Tenney Lee came over with ALL her girls to visit. It was so fun to laugh and make fun everybody. When we went to bed it was really late and it started to snow. Well when we woke up...there it was, about 3.5 inches (or so). The kids were soooo excited to get dressed and go play. We got out the sock hats that Grandma had made and bundled them up. When I was getting them ready, Magoo and Ajax decided to grace us with their presence. I dared him to take off his shirt and do a snow angel in just his shorts. He asked me what I would give him and I told him that I would put him on my post. Well we all know hoe famous my blog is (not). After a little more prodding.......
The only thing is that instead of taking a picture, I recorded him. I think it knocked the wind out of him but you can't hear it. He acted so tough and said it "wasn't bad". But he sure wanted a towel when he got to the door. :) :)

These are my favorite kids in my favorite tree. I grew up climbing the apple trees in the backyard and we have so many pictures taken in THIS tree.

Morgan lasted the longest. She ate the snow and made snow angels. She LOVED it.

Breckyn was glad to get in the warm tub. This is the "pink bathroom" that we ALL bathed in.

Then Grandpa made us waffles and eggs. They were as good as I remember them being.

My mom stopped back by to say goodbye and drop off some gifts so we got a picture of her with the kids and the tree. I am glad that after all that has happened, she still knows that she is loved and welcome at Grandpa's home.

We had a great time and I am so glad that we got to spend time with all sides of the family

Last, we went to Snowflake to see Troy's parents. My camera had died so I used theirs and then they sent them to me. Thanks mom.

We played Battleship and Morgan and I beat Troy. He says it is because Keegan cheated but we all know the truth on that one don't we. :)

Troy got tired and my sweet Breck went over and loved on him and tickled his neck. She can be so nice at times.

Troy and Dad on Craigslist. Troy's favorite store.

Ajax was a little tired I think. He crammed a lot of visiting into 24 hours.

Grandma and Breck making grilled tuna and cheese sandwiches. Yummy.

Eating and yes that is Keegan apple. Look close it doesn't happen to often.

After we ate and visited a little more, we headed for home. It was a smooth ride home and a good end to the perfect weekend. We are so blessed to have such a large and loving family.


Family Everywhere!

Grandma and Grandpa Taylor. They are fully responsible for what you are about to see. :)

This weekend we got to go to my mom's side of the family's Christmas party, the Taylor family. It is an annual event and gets bigger each year in that our family gets BIGGER each year:)

There were 25 people missing this year that is why our group is so small.

This year it was in Show Low and my Aunt Bev and fam were in charge of it. It began at 11:00 SHARP (in other words 11:45 "Taylor Time") We started in the relief society room with my Grandpa reading the Christmas story out of the Bible and a family picture (yeah).

Then we went in to eat. We all love that part. We had barbecue and salads and junk food and and and.
The the games began.
We had skateboard races, fishing, Loogie (gum) spitting (the men LOVE this the rest of us think it is disgusting), Rudolph nose popping (balloons), toy soldier shot and more.

Cute Magoo!

Here is Breck, Jax, Ryker and Jea

Ajax surprised Maggie with a visit. We were in on it and it was a lot of fun. She was so happy to see him.

We had a gingerbread house making contest by families and with ours, us girls lucked out. Troy, Willie and Morgan did the work and it was amazing. We had a truck, a pooping dog (poop provided by Kinney and M&M), a slide, see-saw, Tiny Tim (man w/1 leg) and a Christmas tree.

There were 7 all together and most of them were really good but my Aunt Debbie's family decided to make fun of our home and make a "redneck trailer". No hard feelings but as Troy told you, we took our tires off years ago LOL.

Yes, Yes, we won. Come on, are you really surprised?

Last of all we had a model contest. We got wrapping paper, ribbon, tape and scissors. Kinney volunteered to wear the creation. Again, Troy and Willie took charge and made him look beautiful. Everyone looked so funny. We were all laughing so hard. I think that is when I lost my voice. They couldn't choose a winner. Oh and do you like his bra? His tiny shorts (provided by Ajax) were also very attractive:)
We ended by cleaning up and saying goodbye to all. It was so fun thanks to everybody who went and to those who didn't and/or couldn't, we missed you.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Ho Ho Ho!

Well I never thought it would happen. We have a fake tree again. We both grew up with real ones but it is a hassle and expensive to buy them every year. So when we found one after Christmas for REALLY cheap....we bought it. Troy however, hangs a pine air freshener behind it :).

Our kids love to decorate just like all the others. The only difference is Breckyn only decorates undressed.

Our tree is beautiful and I love that it is full of "kid ornaments". Our kids get a new one every year, that way when they move out and take theirs...they will have at least 18 on their own tree. At least that is the plan.

This is her "paper" village
This year as I was setting all the decorations out, I came across a box that I don't remember getting. It was bitter sweet. When my Gr. Grandma Chalk was alive I would go to hr house and decorate it for Christmas since she couldn't. When she passed I got a lot of her decorations. It was hard to see them again and to not be able to remember getting them. I got a little teary and I missed her so much at that moment. Ultimately I am so grateful to have a peace of her in my home for the holidays. I miss you Grandma and I love you so much.

This is the train set that I always set up in front of her ceramic village. It was as big as the houses but Grandma always insisted on it being in front. There are 2 of these moose and I think my aunt made the plaque.

This is the BEAUTIFUL, BIG Nativity set that Troy gave me. I got the Nativity one year and the next I got the Stable. I think it is the BEST I have seen (next to the live one that is).


Celebrating the birth of Jesus in a fun way
This is just a few of the people who were in it.

We were able to be a part of our stakes first of many Nativity plays? Morgan wanted to go and so I volunteered to be in the choir. When I got there however, I was handed a white dress. I went over and stood with the choir very confused. Then Br. Smith told me I was an angel......I am not sure he REALLY knew who I was LOL. Morgan was a girl in the crowd and when we got home, Keegan threw a fit because he wanted a costume too. Luckily they had one left. He was hesitant at first because of the color but once we reminded him that purple and gold are Queen Creek/Ajax's colors, he was ok.
Aren't they adorable?

We had live animals....chickens, sheep, goats, a cow and a donkey (mini horse)

It was allot of fun. I wasn't sure about standing on the 5 ft. platform that rocked nor was I hip on having to be the "speaking angel" while only lipping it WITH a flippin' spot light on me. Not the best. Morgan walked around with Becca (one of our 2 babysitters) and helped with 3 little girls. They were all so cute. Keegan ended up being a shepherd since he would not leave Tanners side (or I should say....back) :) :)The first night we had the scariest doll EVER playing baby Jesus. Emily/Mary was even scared to sing to it (no lie). As we were all discussing it, a lady over heard us and lent us her little Isabella. She was so cute and they got the best pictures. But, since she had prior engagements..we could not use her the second night. Oh and Bishop said NO live babies....oops. So I took Breckyn's baby (pictured here) and she was the star.

This is a quick pic that I took when Tanner handed of the goat in order to catch another one on the loose. But as we all know, Keegan is tiny and shall we say wimpy. Yes, he dropped it right as my camera flashed. Needless to say we had to tie hay rope around their feet so we didn't have them out in the crowd especially when NOBODY knew how to catch them....they kept on chasing them. I mean...HELLO, they are faster than you. duh LOL

This is Dalton, Lane, Morgan and Keegan. They all look great. Oh, Dalton is Kinney's look-a-like, just a younger version.

OK, now...I will say that at one point during all of this I did get a little ornery. I would not let them put make-up or "gold sprinkles" in my hair. Yes I was very white but why change now. I do believe that there were only 3 of us that made it out with a clean face and non greasy hair.

This Morgan and her friend Hannah w/makeup by mom.

This is what we did at each rehearsal and performance. We all knelt to pray. It was freezing but during those 2 to 5 minutes....nobody noticed.

This was a great way to teach my kids even more about the birth of Jesus. I hope we can do it again