Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Photos

Since I didn't have my Blog up and running for a few months...I thought I would put some....ok a lot of pictures on here so you could all see SOME of what you missed. Hope you enjoy them.

The "Bra"
It is actually called Sand Hallow, but it is 2 dome buildings ie the name. This is the kids' favorite place to go for FHE or birthdays.
Morg, Chey, Mags, Ryke, Keeg, Jax & Breck LOL
Good form Morg

Queen of the Frog
Breck and Ryker

1st Day of school for Morg and Keeg

Morgan's new haircut and favorite outfit

Keegan's favorite outfit

So Cute - 2nd grade

Growing toooooo fast - 5th grade

My little Kindergartener
Breckyn's 5th Birthday

Her new bike

On the way to the mine
A Huge shovel
Shauna, my Dad, Lindsay, Britto, Me, Breck, my Mom, Morg, Raylee, Jill, Ryk, Mags, Keeg, Jax, Chey & Willie
Cousins under the crane

Me & my Three by the little truck

So Cute

We love to go driving on Sundays. The mountains are beautiful. This day the kids were a little tired, as you can see.
It was so cold on this trip
a little warmer
Keeg, Maggie, Breck, Chey & Morg

Little Boy.....Big Rock

My Three at the creek
SOOOOO COLD at the lake

We went to visit Papa Dan and Gramma Geri on their mission. The kids were so happy to see them.
On top of the fort

So Sweet

Soccer....this is the first year any of the kids have played. They LOVE it. Especially Morgan.

Morgan started piano lessons....yeah
The Spinning Park

Cheyanne spinning the kids. I couldn't find the one of them going really fast, but you get the idea.

Morgan is 11
She designed her cake on the computer...so her

Morg's friends at her "Late Night" party watching a movie on the tramp
Beautiful girl
My little Man
Always posing :)
Pouty faces...Keeg just looks mad LOL
right where she would love to be....nature

My Mom and the kids on one of or Sunday drives.