Thursday, July 30, 2009

Learning to Swim

My Little Fish!
While Keegan was down and out, the girls got to go swimming a lot.
Morg learned to swim and dive

Breck of course is fearless and we have to watch her constantly

So proud!!!

Number 9

On June 29, Keegan went in for his 9th surgery (that averages out to be more than 1 a year). This time was for his tonsils & adenoids to be removed......pretty standard right?

Because he is Keegan...they decided to keep him in over night "just in case". As you can see he looks good and got to get out on time.

But that was short lived. Morgan is helping take care of him too. He was in a lot of pain and to no surprise, he refused to eat or drink. We didn't see a problem because we can feed him through is G-tube....BUT NO, because he wasn't eating or drinking, he started to grow bacteria in his throat and his muscles started spasming. So.....

Back to the hospital we go, for 4 more days. UGH!
The girls got to come and go to the playroom to paint bird houses with Keegan.
Now he is out and doing great. Let's all pray that "Number 9" will be the last!!!


With Keegan's on May 3, Brant's on June 14, Mine June !8, Tracy June 19 & Dad June 21.....
That equals 154 years of age between us!!!!
The kids enjoying PIZZA....always a hit!!
Jax, Morg, Pey, Rai, B, Madi

Keegan's Baptism

On June 20th, we had a very special day for our Keegan. He was baptized.

My Boy & Me
Breckyn, Keegan & Morgan

He was baptized by his Dad

Keegan & Grandma Lu

Shauna, Keegan & Papa Bill

Grandma & Grandpa Atkinson w/Keegan

Gr. Grandpa & Gr. Grandma Taylor w/Keegan

Gr. Grandma Amy & Keegan

Gr. Papa Nikolaus & Keegan

There were so many people there to share this special day with us. We had both friends and family. There were so many that we could barely fit in the room and it was HOT!!
Half of the room

Other half...and it hadn't started yet. Many more came.

But it was amazing to see all that love in one room for just 1 little boy. But that 1 little boy is the most special 1 in the world. "Keegan, I am so proud to be your mom. You bring me joy every day and the strength that I have received from just being with you is irreplaceable. Thank you for being YOU."

Bagels, Muffins & Fruit at the park to celebrate

Peyton, Morgan & Tiffani enjoying their time together (and the food)

Some of our friends & family. Thanks for coming, WE LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coming Soon

OK.....well my computer is still not up and running and I don't have the patience to download pictures the other way so I will update my blog as soon as I can..I have many great pictures from Keegan's baptism, his hospital stay and our party at Grandpa Nik's.

Remember good things come to those who wait :)