Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday in the Mountains.....

Breckyn, Tyler, Bannon, Kena, Ashlyn, Keegan, Morgan Love them!


Yesterday, we left around 1:00 and went up to Pinal Mountain and met our friends Anissa, Mike, Tyler, Makena, Ashlyn, Kayle, Cara & Bannon, in Globe and headed out. About 30 minutes and we went from Globe (ugh) to PINES.

It was so pretty up there. It reminded me so much of Young i.e. SlideRock, where we used to go with the Taylor family every year camping.




The kids had a great time running around and playing ball. They also went EXPLORING and Morgan and Makena went for a walk and recorded it.....that will be fun to watch :)

Kayle & Keegan

The girls & Keegan (falling down the hill)

Bannon too cute
Our food was sooo good. I love doing outdoor cooking....mainly because Troy does all of it and even cleans it up :) :) :) We had steak, fried potatoes, salad and of course Cobbler and S'mores.

My Kids
Morgan is a natural, Keegan so serious & Breckyn HAD to climb the tree :)

It was a beautiful day and it was fun to sit and visit. I got to know Cara a lot better and that was fun... Ok, 1 funny thing that happened to me......there are no flat spots where we were so when I went to sit in my chair, I fell backwards/sideways. I was laughing so hard. Mike and Cara helped me, well I actually had to do a volleyball roll (over my shoulder) to get out, but they were very supportive. LOL

Troy better get a bigger gun!!

All in all it was FABULOUS!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Morgan started playing ball last year and she got 1 hit all year....a dribble to pitcher. She has a beautiful stance, and swing, she is just afraid to do it. She gets on base allot and can run them like a devil. She is soooo fast.
Well we took her to the batting cages to help her with confidence (to the point her hands hurt) and help her to quit swingeing under the ball.
This morning, she told us she was going to hit a "Grand Slam". I said to just go for a hit. Well first swing...miss. second swing over the fielders heads and all they way to the fence...
HOME RUN BABY!!!! She ran so fast and I was waiting for her at home plate and she ran the other way...until I yelled at her :)...THEN I got the hug of a lifetime.

I love her smile!!
This is her Friend Karlee
(her brother Tanner & Keegan have been on the same team for 2 years)

Is she drinking Ketchup??? :)

The only thing she missed about it was that her Dad wasn't there, he was watching Keegan on the other side of the world (ok Queen Creek).


Keegan w/his free bear "Ben" & excited because he has never worn THIS color of gown :) LOL

Keegan trying to wake up

Awake...kind of

Troy showing Keegan the pictures from his "insides"

Yesterday, Keegan had his 4th Endo. He did really well and even felt well enough to play in his game this morning.

Good Grades

This awards assembly I went to... my kids both got awards as always. This Quarter was a little different.
Keegan made Honor Roll (even with 14 absentees. We were very proud.
Morgan for her first time EVER, due to struggling in math...worked very hard and made High Honor Roll. We are all so excited. She also got the Pride award which is a citizenship award voted by the students.

(Please ignore Kyle in the pic....he is always picking on her & he was at it again)


Here are some pictures from Easter

They are all dressed up because we have 8:00 church. But aren't they are beautiful.

Coloring Easter Eggs!!

Aren't They So Cute & Talented?

They love this each year and this year Troy joined us....they were very happy about it.

My Little Man

Shoes!! (she loves them)
Breckyn and Pink!!

His bunny racer

They both got bat bags (can you guess what color?)

Coach Pitch

My Sweet, Sweet Ball Player

8 out of the 13 are returners from last year (that is awesome, well minus 1 or 2)

What a stance!!

WOW...What a hit!!

He is so FREAKIN cute!

He loves catching!!!

Get that butt down boy :) (he did get it)

And then got him out!