Monday, March 30, 2009

Go Sun Devils!!

I made these little cards for the girls to put on their mirrors (I was bored)

Morgan's softball season has started and they have played 3 games. The 1st game Morgan pitched for her 1st time in a game or off a mound. The first inning she pitched to 6 batters and struck out 3. Then when she went back in it was like she was a different girl (me) throwing all over the place. We took her out and when we got home I talked to her to find out what the change was and she said that her "mind just starts wandering". LOL So we worked on staying focused and in the 3rd game she started again.


She did amazing. She pitched 3 innings (the whole game), faced 19 batters. She hit 2 (in the foot), walked 7, picked up 2 grounders and got 1 out at 1st and then struck out 8. Each time she came off the field she was beaming. She hugged Coach Eric & I and all the girls jumped around was so fun and a little silly too.


She is the oldest on the team and the girls really look to her and like her "to smile" while she pitches. She figured out how to stay focused and it worked. She was also very happy when the Blue said that she was faster than some of the girls in Majors and she heard the coach from the other team say "I know she is really fast, but you can do it. Just touch it and it will fly".

Release (it was a strike)

Her team is the Sun Devils which of course is her dream come true to wear the ASU colors AND to be #7 like Katie Burkhart, the championship pitcher. She loves to play which obviously pleases me. Now we just have to get her to SWING the bat. She is not "comfy" in the box. :)

Here is a pitch and an over throw?? Since I coach, I can't get a lot of pictures. I'll try to do the way, this pitch was a strike. Turn off the music to hear it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For Those of You Who Ask....

As you all know, Keegan has a Mickey Button which he is fed Nutren Jr, (formula) through in order to get the nutrition and calories that he does not get because HE DOES NOT EAT...ugh.

We have been asked many times how it stays in and how it is "fixed" when it pops out. Well when we took the kids swimming at Aunt Noodle's on Sat. Keegan kept complaining that his button was hurting (not normal). The next morning we checked it and saw that the stem was discolored and decided we needed to change it. Keegan was VERY unhappy but we explained that it was going to pop and we didn't want that to happen at school.

So....Morg and I took pictures while I assisted Troy in changing the button and Breckyn did her part by rubbing his head and talking so sweetly yo him. Enjoy :)

Ok, hopefully you can see that the stem going into the stomach is a brownish color.

On the side of his button is a little "hook up", where we use a locking syringe to put water in or take it out of the "balloon" type part of the button inside his stomach that keeps it from coming out.
Here you can see the syringe attached to the old button and the pee colored water that came out of it...the other syringe has clean water the same color that was originally put in. This shows that there WAS a hole somewhere and his stomach "stuff" us getting in.
This is Troy pulling out the old button.
Here is the looks like a pink bellybutton.
Sorry for the weak stomachs of some of you....but this is the old button. You can see the grouse color of it and it looks a little like a raisin. This is caused from his stomach acid and whatever else is or is not in that tummy of his.

This is the NEW button (see how clean & pretty). To put it in, we get his kit that has it all. We use KY Jelly to make it go in easier so it won't pull on his tummy since the hole immediately starts slowly closing and the longer the time the more it hurts him. We also use one of the long wooden cotton swabs to put in the stem to keep it firm. Since it is like rubber, we would not be able to get it in.
Pushing it in.

After it is in, we get the locking syringe and add between 4 & 7 ml of water. We usually add 4 and check it about 1 a month. If it is pulling to far out, we add more and then we can see if it is leaking.
IT IS IN!! All better & prettier.
Last step is to put water in through where he is fed and listen with the stethoscope to make sure I hear gurgling sounds which will tell us that it is in the right place.
This is his "trying" to be brave smile. He likes this picture only because he thinks it looks like he has 4 arms. LOL

He has done this sooooo many times, yet it is still scary to him. I don't blame him. This boy has been through more in his short little life than most do in a lifetime.

And just to update you on surgeries...The Endoscopy will be on April 17 and he will have his tonsils and adenoids removed on June 1. We pushed this one back because they told me it could be up to a 2 week recovery due to pain and he already has 15 absences due to being sick or Dr. visits.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

They're Home

True Personalities Show

For Spring Break, we were not going to be able to do anything due to a FEW oppositions in our lives. On Friday of last week my sister Jill called and asked if she could have our kids for the week. We thought that with all that is going on it was a good idea for them to have a break, have fun and ultimately get SPOILED.

Saturday we met Jill & Chey at Cameron and handed over my 3 most prized possessions with only being hesitant about 1 thing........missing them.

Jill took great care of them and even though I am sure they were a little trouble....I never heard it from her. She text me often and let me know of the funny things they said and the games they would play.

My mom had the kids a few nights also and on Thursday (her day off), they ALL went to the Spin Park. I guess it is an amazing park with all kinds of spinning (go figure) rides. The kids had a blast.

They also went to my dad's to see his new filly Ember (name suggested by Morgan). They had fun although I hear it was very windy. Morgan played with Ember (the only kid she liked) and the rest threw rocks in the "Alligator Pond" and found some bones.

Morg & Ember

Keeg & his coyote bones (which he brought home)

They got to spend time with Jaxon, Ryker, Chey, Maggie, Britto, Lindsay, Raylee and Willie had them for a morning too. They had a girls night and watched HSM3, painted nails, braided hair while the boys watched StarWars (surprised?).

Morg's braids

I did miss them A LOT but I know that they had fun and were loved as much as possible by anyone other than me (of course). Thank you guys so much. All of you, you will NEVER know how much this past week has proved to me what an awesome family I have. Although hundreds of miles away, you were able to take a little off my shoulders when I needed it without me even asking. You never cease to AMAZE me. I love you all.

A little extra shout out to Jill, maybe not by blood...but in EVERY way that counts, you are my sister. I love you so much and I am so blessed to have you as a friend too. Thanks Willie for giving me another amazing one to add to the others. Jill without your insite the past few weeks, .........I am not even sure what words could explain. Thank you, I love you.