Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sing. Sing, Sing

Getting Ready!!!

She LOVES it!!

Morgan has now had her first real concert. They stood on risers and everything. Their group is really big. You can't see them all on these videos but believe me...they are all there LOL. On the videos you CAN see Morgan our cousin Jarron and her Friend Roxcy (standing on her right, her brother Keegan's friend Jonah is in front of her).
After Christmas, they will start new songs and Morgan has talked at least two more of her friends into joining. These clips do not to them justice but you can get the idea. They sang about ten songs I think. She had a lot of supporters there and she loved being in front of a crowd :)

Bring A Torch Janette Isabella

I Believe In Santa Claus

The Perfect Christmas Night

This was Morgan's favorite song, you can see by her smile!!!!

Morgan and cousin Jarron