Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun in the Water

Splash Park
Papa Bill's Water Slide
On Grandma Lu's day off we all went to the Splash Park. Brant, Katie & Ali were also visiting from Minnesota. We had alot of fun except that whoever built it doesn't think about parents.....WE NEED SHADE! :)
No words needed LOL. Keegan & Jaxon having a great day together.

Ali pants loves the water.

Breckyn wanted to get water dumped on her....but she missed.

Morgan is having a.......shower?

Ryker does NOT like the water, he got in just before we left :)

My Dad and Shuana have a HUGE water slide. We all went over to their house and the kids played for hours. We laughed so hard especially when Morgan would slide down and come completely out. haha
Morgan, Keegan & Jaxon climbing up AGAIN!!!




Ali & Jaxon
Raylee & Ryker eating Creamies and both hating the water.

These 4 LOVE the is tourture getting them out!