Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Bobcat

My Cub Scout

Last night was Keegan's first Pack Meeting. He has been to scouts 2 times and has had a huge desire to sign stuff off......he even got to "Present the Colors".

This is all the Cub Scouts getting divided into teams. He is always around younger boys and now seeing him stand in a group where 3 are his same age, just shows how tiny he is :( can you pick him out?
The boys had to gather things up to build a "fire". Keegan has had experience in this before :)
Keegan & his friend Lane judging their work

These boys got a Belt Loop for "Compass and Mapping"

Well, he did it. He got his Bobcat. He was so proud and I got a little teary when I got my pin to show of my son's achievements. The paint on his face was cute (he wasn't sure about it) but I didn't like the orange nose to much either :) :)

I am so proud of my tiny Bobcat!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Boy is 8

Well, on the the little boy turned 8 years old. Sad I know.

Climbing the "mountain" very fitting of his life I'd say

I look back on his short life and see how much he has endured. He has had so many medical problems that continue through today. But he is always strong and most of the time happy.

This is Jude, Keegan, Koltin and Tanner. Keegan's friends from baseball. Since he can't get baptized until June (due to family/work schedules) we took them to Amazing Jakes. They had so much fun and kept us.....ok Troy moving.

The boy's getting ready for Laser tag

Most of them were afraid of this ("heights"), but they went back for seconds

He is a strong, loving young man. He talks ALLOT....but he has a bigger heart than most anyone I know. All the adults he meets talk about his "eagerness". He can make friends faster than anyone I know and is always quick to find the good in someone. Difference in others does not phase him. He truly is an amazing little guy and I am so proud to be his mother.

On his birthday, all of Troy's family came out and Tacen, Keegan & Dad blew out candles for their birthdays. He had a lot of fun playing with all the cousins.

Dad, Tacen, Devyn, Drake, Kylyn, Morgan, Breckyn, Keegan, Jaytin

Keegan you are my sunshine, you bring a light into my eyes different than any other and know that without that light, I would not be who I am today. Stay strong, kind, loving, understanding and tolerant all of your days and you will go far in your life.

"I'm Rich"
(don't mind the gold digger he he)