Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

On Sunday, my Dad and his wife Shauna, took us all out to pick out our Christmas tree. This was the first time that Keegan and Breckyn had ever gone "tree hunting". Morgan had gone once when she was tiny, so she obviously does not remember it. We had so much fun and it brought back so many memories of living in Taylor and yelling "I found one.......oh never mind it is a CEDAR" LOL

The kids (including Chey & Mags) were really excited to ride in the back of the truck.

Here we are, all ready to go :)
This is a small pond that was frozen over....the kids thought that it was so cool and wanted to skate on it ha ha

Keegan said he had the best recliner ever...he just chilled on Chey's lap all the way up the mountain.

Here is Maggie, Chey and Morgan looking for a tree.....they are such good friends :)

B found a tree just right for her (to bad we didn't have enough permits)

Keegan got cold and bored so he took a little rest...I love this picture of him

This is our tree. It only took us about 2 1/2 hours to find it (we are a little picky)
Keeg, B, Morg, Mags, Me & Chey

As you can see, it got soooo cold. Morg doesn't know I took this picture LOL

Chey, Maggie & I rode with the trees on the tailgate. My Dad had a good time pushing on the brakes and hitting every rock. He loved watching us fall, smash each other and hold on for dear life :). Thanks Dad and Shauna for a fun day and for the hot chocolate, doughnuts & cookies.
This is Erin (Chey's friend) also known (lovingly lol) as Mountain Goat.....he was nice enough to come over and help us girls put up the tree....Thanks Erin!
Maggie was in charge of the hedge clippers (not a good idea). She loved them, even using them to cut the wire that they used to tie up a few branches in a bald spot. Here she is, being a reindeer LOL (what a doof)
Well now that it is up......we wait. We will decorate it when we are all together (which is a hard task). Hopefully soon. Morgan picked out and helped buy a new Angel and they have ornaments to paint too. Pictures of that, to follow....stay tuned LOL LOL


The Wellers said...

I looked through all of these pictures and Timar, I am soo proud of you! You're doing great, the kids look happy, and so do you. Congrats! Stacey