Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Fun!!!

Our First Time Tubing!!! YEAH

Let's just say that Chey's friend Mike and us are not to great at strapping things down LOL LOL . Notice the "NO SNOW, MOM" behind us :) Thank goodness the white stuff was only about 30 minutes away.My handsome Little Man...Keegan

Keegan was the first to go down of the 3. I almost didn't get him on tape. We also didn't get the chance to see how far someone so light would go... i.e. "the bush" It was actually a bunch of thick branch like things and as you can see in the video....he went right into it. He would have been hurt but there was a small hole that he landed in. We were all laughing and that is when I went down (yes, on a tube) to stand in front of the hole.

My growing to fast...Morgan

Morgan was unsure about how the tubes would work out. I assured her that I grew up on them and that it would be fun. After answering her a million times...I invited her to stay home. She chose to go with us and after the first time down, she was hooked. AND man is she good :) As you can see on the video :)

My Baby...Breckyn

(under her is the hole that Keegan landed in)

Breck was afraid to go at first. So Maggie's friend Chad took her down. She only went down twice and the rest of the time she played in the snow and hung out with everyone. She loved every minute of it. We were there for two and a half hours :)

Morgan was even brave enough to go down the "BIG" hill. She giggled all the way!! Keegan wanted to go to this hill...but once he got there he was afraid. Knowing my Boy like I do, I put him on the tube and sent him down. He was mad at me, but I knew that if he didn't go, the moment we left and forever more he would ask to go back and go down it. :) He isn't mad anymore LOL. And they all can't wait to go again.

After we were done, we walked on a frozen pond. They want to go ice fishing as you can see, Morgan tried to make a hole LOL. These are the 3 cutest sweetest kids in the world. I am so lucky to have them in my life.

Love You My Sweet Three

Here is Chey, Chad, Keeg, Mags & Morg. They found the top of a dumpster someone had left in the they used it as a sled. (Mags is explaining what kind of a sled it is to some guy)