Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So Sad - Written by Morgan

Four weeks ago my dog Zip had five puppies. Then four days after my other dog Lady had seven, but one puppy died. We named them Dora, Buddy, Zorro, Cody, Jack, Gabby,Patch, Lucky, Night, Skunk, Uno. About a week ago it got really hot and seven puppies died. The ones who survived are Dora, Patch, Night, Skunk.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend in St. George

Well it has been over a year since we have been to St. George. We went to celebrate my baby brother McKinney's graduation from High School.

When we arrived we first went to Willie and Jill's house to see everybody. I got to meet my 1 year old niece Ali and my 7 week old niece Raylee both for the first time. The kids played in their backyard and then the guys all went to see Indiana Jones, while the girls (ok so just Jill, Katie and Morgan) made cookies and brownies for the party the next day.

The next morning we all decided that Kinney should shave a S C on his head for graduation. Troy got a sharpie to outline it and it looked so cool that they just kept decorating.

Saturday we hung out at moms. The boys went to visit Willie at his dealership and then out to breakfast. Later Maggie, Chey, the kids and I went to the park to play ball. Chey started to make up new wind ups and it got so funny that I could hardly breath (don't worry I have it on tape). That night Grandma and Grandpa Taylor got there from Taylor (LOL). The kids were really excited to see their Great Grandparents and it even got better when we got them to play bowling on the Wii. They had fun too.

We got a picture of all 11 grand kids together since we don't know when that will happen again, beings that Ali will be in Minnesota. Derek, Morgan, Peyton, Madisen, Keegan, Jaxon, Raigan, Breckyn, Ryker, Ali and Raylee are all so lucky to have each other. We had an awesome time and were very sad to leave. And now that all our kids are older, the drive (8 HOURS) isn't so bad. So I guess we WILL see you all at Christmas. YEAH

Keegan's Busy Month

Keegan has been very busy the last few weeks. First he has had 12 T-ball games where his favorite position is catcher. He also loves to hit and he did get a few home runs. His best friend was Tanner who he will get to play with again next year. I helped coach and we had alot of fun. I love that stage in ball.

Then HE TURNED 7. He had a star wars party (of coarse) and he had about 29 kids and 15 adults. There were so many that the Pinata candy did not go far.
He then started having stomach pains and started vomiting which he is not supposed to be able to do, so he had to go in for tests to figure out our next step.

Finally he graduated from Kindergarten and all of the kids made tie died shirts with the school colors, Green and Gold (I know, Cougar colors). He loved school and was at the top of his class. He will miss Mrs. Acosta alot. Keegan is a very happy boy and loves life, now if we could only get him to even LIKE food.

Monday, May 19, 2008


On Saturday we had some of our friends and family come over for a barn raisin'. I just wanted to thank them all for helping Troy get his shade up and get him alot closer to finishing. It has been really hard on him finally realizing that he can't do the physical stuff anymore. So thanks to Jim, Mike, Colten, Josh, Dave, Aaron and Tiffany for all their hard work. I know that it was hot and miserable, but we really appreciate it. Also, of coarse thanks to ALL 9 kids for behaving enough to let us work, and to Tonya and Anissa for keeping me company on the ground and keeping the men (and woman) hydrated and fed. Love you all!

24 HOURS!!

So Sunday I was not feeling very well and was in bed for most of the day. Which of coarse means that the kids were having alot of fun. Well, that night I went to get Tinkerbell (our dog) to put her in bed and I could not find her anywhere. I called for her outside and in. I decided that she must have wandered off and would be back any moment. This morning I asked the kids about it and they freaked out because "someone stole her". We made signs and hung them on the stop signs around the neighborhood and I called Animal Control AND checked their website about 5 times. So anyway, Anissa and I planned on going to Costco, so while I was waiting for her, I layed on the couch and dosed off. When she got here, I got up and heard Tinkerbell bark. I looked behind the couch and under the table but decided that I was imagining it. Later on, I went to Tiffany's house to get some medicine for Keegan (he is not doing so good today) and when I came home Breckyn said that Tinkerbell was here. I asked Morgan and she said that Breckyn had found her UNDER the couch. It seems that while I was in bed, Breckyn had opened the recliner which she is not supposed to do, and Tinkerbell went in. Well 24 hours later Breckyn "remembered" where she was "hiding". So I guess I wasn't imagining things after all. That's a relief. After we found her, Morgan said "No wonder why the couch was moving up and down during Keegan's blessing." So, if you ever loose anything, don't forget to check under the cushions. LOL

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Morgan Goes to ASU Softball Game

Troy and I took her to her first college softball game. She was in seventh heaven. I had to make her take a bathroom break in the 7th inning because she was afraid to miss anything. So we ran. She also discovered her new idol, Katie Burkhart the Senior Pitcher. In the game she had 13 strikeouts, 2 walks and gave up 0 hits. Yes, they won. Morgan got her autograph on a poster of her and then as you can see by the grin, she got to meet her. She has been bitten by the softball bug. Yea.... Go Sundevils! Oh, she also decided that she wants to be a pitcher because in college they don't hit and she does not like batting, only running the bases(she got speed from somewhere, definitely not the Nikolaus side).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Breckyn Learns to Ride a Two Wheeler

Troy decided that she was ready to ride. I went in the house, after all she IS 3. Morgan came in to get me and when I went out she was riding. Troy never even held on to the seat. She did have one accident and it involved a palm tree. Her Aunt Noodles and I had to pick 4 or 5 thorns out of her hand. It did not phase her. Within 3 days she was riding on the "jumps" with the kids. They were so proud of her. Yesterday she talked me into buying her some flowers with little streamers for her handlebars. She always keeps us smiling.

Visit From Chey-Chey

Back in February we were lucky enough to have my little sister Cheyanne spend the weekend with us. First we had a girls night with Chey, Aunt Donna, Tracy and me. We went to Johnny Rockets to eat and watch the staff dance to the oldies. Then we went and watched a movie. After that, 3 of us went back to Aunt Donna's to play the Wii. It was so much fun, we laughed so hard that I, well, I, um, ya, OK anyway it was fun. Oh and the fondue was yummy too. The next day we played in the mud all day. The kids loved having her here, she is so much fun to be around. Then Troy and her had a tether ball game where she BROKE A NAIL! ouch We also (of coarse) went to Bahama Bucks for a much needed girls hour out. That night we had Aunt Donna, Uncle John, Blake, Mike, Anissa, Tyler, Makena and Ashlyn over for a cook out and bonfire. It was great, we had Troy's Dutch oven Peach Cobbler yum and we made smores. Sunday morning Chey cooked us a HUGE breakfast which my family is soooo not used to. It was a great treat. But Chey did get it from Troy, (just as I always do) when she put ketchup on her hash browns. He thinks we are so wierd. But we of coarse know the truth.

Oh yes, we just found out that Chey will be going to Honduras to volunteer in an orphanage in August. That is so cool. We are proud of you and hope you have a great time. We will miss you. Love Ya Babe!