Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Double Digits!!

We were pleasantly surprised that Morgan tried the wall. She did really well and even tried it again.

After they finally tried the Hopper, Peyton and Derek decided that heights weren't that bad and so they also tried the wall AND did really good.

Well on Friday the 26th, my Morgan turned 10. This year we gave her a choice between the big party we always do or taking 2 friends to Amazing Jake's. She chose the later. So after school we picked up my 2 nieces Kylyn and Peyton (her 2 friends) and went to have pizza and allot of fun. To add to all of the fun, my little brother McKinney and sister Maggie were here for a visit and farewell and so they came with us along with Lil'Derek and Ajax(Crae).

We had so much fun. The food was pretty good although the girls ate like birds.

Bumper cars were so fun to watch.
Those girls are rough and once they learned to spin, they did that ALLOT.

Troy and McKinney played a little pool and Troy showed off with some quarter tricks.

Everyone except Maggie and I did the rock wall. Everyone did so good but only Ajax made it all the way up. I swear
he was like Spiderman.

Morgan got smashed on the roller coaster
and so the next time they put Lil'Derek on
the outside and her and Kylyn smashed him
There were two atracktions that I could not get pictures of. Go Karts and Laser Tag. In Go Karts, the girls were to short to drive so they rode with the big kids. Ajax and Kylyn (innocenct Kylyn) got in trouble for bumping Lil'Derek and Morgan. Maggie tried to tell him that it wasn't a competition and he said that everything is a competition. Well you guessed it they won. I wish the glass had not been there so the pictures would have taken because Kylyn was making me laugh so hard because she had her head rested on her hand like it was soooo boring. She is so cute. After Ajax left, he gave Troy his card so he could play. He took Maggie to the Go Karts and their turn was cut short because they were slamming on the brakes and spinning around and the guy got mad. Typical Troy "A"?
Laser Tag was fun. They even let me play even though I did not have a card. I didn't get to shoot much because I swear EVERYONE (even though it was boys vs. girls) was killing me. Morgan won because her vest wasn't working so she never "got shot".

Last was miniature golf, it was so much fun. They all got really good at it by the end. Troy of coarse "didn't cheat at all" LOL and somehow managed to win. I guess that maybe now he will admit he does like golf (not).

To end the night, we went to Ajax's football game. He is really good, I felt bad because I was recording him and all but 1 of his tackles I missed because I got excited and forgot to push the button and when I remembered all I got was him jumping up and the announcer saying "#57 Crae Kleinlein" or #37 even though 37 was on the other side of the line. Oh well we know the truth. Morgan enjoyed her day and got a paw print painted on her face (which she said itched). It was a great day to be with our family and friends to celebrate my girls special day. Thanks everyone.