Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Photos Anyone?

My kids recently got a new horse (yes I know and no I don't know why). His name was Robin but we did not like it, so we went online and looked up a lot of names. We settled on Nakota which means "painted". It fits him well.
The other day Troy had them get ready to go try him out. I took my camera(since it is connected to me, I don't have a choice LOL). I got some really good pictures of them.
This is my 3 great kids with "the mare". We did not like her name, so we are waiting for Ajax and Morgan to name her.

My, she is beautiful.....if I do say so myself.

Our little cowboy. He LOVES to dress like dad and walk around like he owns the place.

This is Keegan on Nakota and then him asking his big sis the cowgirl for advice.


Cute pic huh? Breckyn is resting while Troy saddles Nakota.

Well as you can see, Breckyn spent most of her night "horsing" around.
It still amazes me how happy they are to be outside ALL the time and how they never get tired of the animals. The only down side to all of this is that for some reason (my mom says it's payback) Breckyn comes in looking like she was rolling in the dirt. I guess that since Ajax caught her literally rolling in the dirt, I can now make since of the fact that I wash more clothes for that girl than the rest of us put together(you think I'm exaggerating?).
I am just very grateful that my kids have the opportunity to grow up with dirt and land and animals and freedom, as I was.


Evvie Turley said...

Hey girlie, cute pictures! I'm glad your kids get to have land and animals too! Mine are the same way, but they sure complain a lot about the land and animal chores! :) I need you to teach me how you did the pictures in squares like that. Very cool....