Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun At School?

This week the kids had "School Spirit Dress Up Week". This was part of the "Step It Up...A Call To Action. No use of illegal drugs. No illegal use of legal drugs".

My kids (especially Morgan) love to do this each year.

No this is not 2008 LOL it is 2006

Monday: Put Drugs To Bed - Wear pajamas:) Keegan was sick but Morgan wore her silky pink jammies. I didn't even think to take a picture (I're shocked, me too). So you will just have to pretend that you know how she looked......sleepy. HaHa

Tuesday: Drugs Turn You Inside Out - Wear clothes inside out or backwards:) This is my favorite. Morgan wore her shirt inside out and her shorts backwards. She has a butt. I tried to ask Troy where she got it from 'cause both of us are lacking in that department. The reason I give you this WONDERFUL piece of information, is because her butt looked like the tummy of most women who have had babies (ME). There was a pooch. It was really funny. Keegan wore his shirt backwards but when I saw him around noon, he had changed it back. He said that it made him hot.??

Wednesday: Show you care about your body - Wear Red:) This is pretty simple. I did paint on their faces too. Morgan wanted a heart..ok, then a star....what? I CAN'T DRAW! Luckily I found a little star to trace whew. Keegan didn't care (surprise?) we wrote "I Care".

Thursday: Walk Away From Drugs - Wear crazy shoes, slippers or socks. Well my Dad's new wife Shaunasp? , sends the kids very colorful socks for every holiday, so finding fun socks for this day was not a problem. I tried to get Keegan to wear 1 shoe and 1 slipper like Morgan did but he would have no part of it. The pictures don't even grasp how funny they looked. AND Morgan ripped an ear off my pig slipper....poor little thing.

Morgan's face says Go Lions, Keegan wanted paw prints w/claws...he's lucky I could make 4 circles.

Today/Friday: Stay In The Game, Be Drug Free - Wear school shirts, team jerseys or school colors....Green and Gold, I know Lobo fans, it was really hard on me at first too. LOL

Well all in all they had a fun week at school and even got to see some of the Sheriff Office's crime dogs. Morgan loved it when one of them jumped over a deputy and grabbed hold of the "padded" guy and wouldn't let go. I told her that if she is ever Stu _ _ _ and uses drugs, she will be able to have that dog grab her too...only without padding. Her eyes got really big and then she asked "What if they are not mine?" I told her that the dogs don't care and neither do I. She will "hurt in many places". (Hope it worked HeHe)

"Step It Up" is good, but I sure liked D.A.R.E. :) :) :)