Friday, September 19, 2008

Update - Keegan

His knew found talent. This boy has no cartilage in his ears. They are so fun to pull on. (and it doesn't even hurt him LOL)

Well Keegan had 3 Dr.'s appointments this week (poor guy). The first was on Monday with a speech therapist, Sara. She said that he only has a few things that he will need therapy for from her, but that she is referring him to a feeding therapist too (yeah). She was very nice and she helped us understand allot of what he is going through.

Tuesday we saw his GI, Dr. Silbur. He was pleased with his weight gain but left him on 5 cans of Nutren Jr. a day. He also gave him a new prescription to see if it can help with his stomach aches. He did an ex ray of his stomach (normal) and some lab work (still waiting).

Thursday we went to Dr. Shafron a Neurosurgeon. He said that he cannot make a determination on whether or not his symptoms now and at infancy are due to the Chiari Malformation. SO, Keegan has to have another MRI. This time it will be under anesthesia because it will be about 4 hours long. They are checking his entire spine for abnormalities and doing some kind of ?? fluid study in the cerebellum (ask Brant). This is scheduled for November 5th at St. Joseph's. Then he wants a swallow study. They don't know yet how they will get that, since Keegan gags and throws up the barium. ?????

We have not told him what is going on yet. He has enough that he is dealing with. So I guess in this instance it is good that he is used to going to Dr.s all the time. He doesn't know any different.

He missed allot of school and spent a lot of time in Dr.'s offices and he was sooooo good. So we took him to Build-a-Bear. He made a T-Rex with a Batman t-shirt. He named him Bruce. If you are slow like I am, he is named after Bruce Wayne (duh). He has it with him everywhere. I am glad we found something else for him to find comfort in. The more the merrier.

My Aunt Donna brought to my attention that I am not in any pictures with my kids. She reminded me that they love me no matter what I "think" I look like. So, here I am with my wonderful, brave little boy..... and Bruce.


Jennifer said...

Tell, Keegan we think Bruce is awesome! Timaree, I wouldn't have thought to make the connection either : ). It is a cute picture with the three of you !

Manda said...

Glad to see you in a picture!=) Hope all goes well with the results. BRUCE ROCKS!!!
(he has a batman shirt on HOW did you NOT make the j/k=)

Evvie Turley said...

Hey Timar, hearing about all the doctors appointments and all makes me anxious for you all. I hope they get this all figured out soon with Keegan. Did you hear that Becky and Charlee's mom, Charlayne, passed away? You probably knew, but it was last Monday, the 21st. She passed away in her sleep. They are all in such shock and having a pretty tough time, of course. Anyway, just wanted to let ya know. Luv ya.