Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let's Celebrate

The 4 birthday girls.....Maggie-17, Lexie-16. Morgan-10 and McKinzee-12

Our 2 missionaries....Colten (w/BF Lynsay) reported to the MTC TODAY. He is going to Oregon. McKinney reports on the 21st of January to serve in Mexico City, South.

So these 6 extraordinary people who have been in our lives for sometime now, are the reason that we threw a huge bonfire on Saturday night. We had so many people here. It was so fun to see our friends, family and all the teens that came to celebrate with us.
Troy made dutch oven cobbler and we had a ton of drinks. There was a ping-pong table, a WII, the roping dummy, swings and of coarse music provided by my awesome van (since Colten sold our truck LOL).Here are some of the groups that I got pictures of. Tracy, Aunt Donna and Uncle John didn't move much so they were easy to find, where as the teens where always on the move. I apologize to anyone not in the pictures, there were just so many of you.
So Colten started it and now they ALL do it to me! Here we have Kinney, Jentry, Maggie, Chelsea, Ra Ra (Maranda), COLTEN(of coarse), Maggie...again...and again and Ra Ra.....again. What is up with all the butts?

So excited to see Kinney!

My cousin Nat's husband Andy took home the door prize. oooooooo After cleaning up the yard, I guess we disturbed the scorpion so he crashed our party. He was a hit. They all watched him eat a cricket (not I). After that I was very jumpy and so when Troy threw a fake snake at me, I am sorry to say that I did not respond like a lady LOL. I will get even....somehow!

Look at all the smiles!!!

More family and friends (we are soooo lucky)

McKinney picked up a rope after about 10 years and you would have never known it. He did really good and was showing off. Ajax (Crae) loves roping too, so Kinney and him hung out quite a bit with the dummy. Tracy even remembered that she used to be a cowgirl. Now if we could just get her out of the house and on a horse. Hey sis, I don't think your kids believe me when I tell them you can ride. Call me and I'll hook you up.

Ra Ra and Ajax took some girls over to see the horses. They decided that it would be funny to show them Cookie (our cow). Ajax walked up to her and scarred her. So then the girls went to see her and of course she charged them. We were laughing so hard. I guess we forgot to tell them that Cookie HATES GIRLS. Sorry, but it was really funny.

Well we had a great time and I think everyone else did too. We actually went to bed at about 1:30. Thanks to all who came and to Maggie for providing most of the food. (I love little sisters....with jobs.....who live at home.....and are the babies...LOL) Love to you all.

Tell next time!


Manda said...

Looks like so much fun, sorry I missed it. Maybe next time Adam will have to stay home with the kiddos so I can go play=)