Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We love Halloween

This year, my kids had 6 different Halloween events. It was fun but I am glad it is over :) Keegan is Jengo Fhett (sp?) the "bad guy" from Star Wars the Clone Wars, no surprise there...Breckyn WAS a Twisted Witch for the first 4 events, then changed her mined and became a Ballerina (thanks Aunt Katie for the tu-tu). She won a $10 gift card to McDonald's in the costume contest at my work. She LOVED getting to wear make-up and glitter....Morgan as you can see was Pocahontas. It was time consuming to paint her, but she sure looked cute and very different from her normal blonde look :)

Isn't she beautiful? Yes, yes she is!!!

My little Trooper

Breck with her "tude"

My sweet 3...yes, I see Keegan's rabbit ears. He thought he was so sneaky.

Here is her with make-up and glitter. Gorgeous!

We went Trick-or-Treating with Jill, Jax(skeleton) and Ryker(turtle)...By the end of the night, only Morgan and Jax (plus Jill & me) were left. The others got tired and went home. There were soooo many people in our neighborhood. In fact, I was told that a lady in our ward had 750 giant Pixie Stixs (sp?) and ran out!!! It was insane, but sooo much fun.
Thanks Jill and boys for going out with us. It was a great night. And thanks for helping with the kids by getting them to the Trick-or-Treat at the High School and Breck to the school parade (twice)....I am glad it was you & not me. LOL


The Wellers said...

They look so good T. You are doing such a great job!