Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Well It Is That Time Again

Breckyn and Zip

So our dog Zip had been expecting babies forever. We could not figure out why she had not had them yet. I even got scared at one point that she had lost them. She was still big, she was not guarding her doghouse as she had always done AND we could not hear them. Last Tuesday when Troy had not fed the horses (which means...my turn. Yeah) I was out and decided to look in the doghouse. Now mind you, we knew that she was digging a hole but when I look ed inside....I found

Can you see them?

We (Breck and I) were really excited but I could not reach them. It was supposed to rain that day, (and did) so we had to get them out. I called Anissa and when she dropped her kids off at school she came to help me. We figured that Breckyn and Ashlyn could go in and get them out.

First off, Breckyn would not go without a flashlight. When she got in the whole, it was so big that she could turn completely around (as you can see). As she was handing Alala to Ashlyn, Zip decided to check on the rest and went down inside with Breck. Anissa and I were laughing at the girls but also wanting them to hurry. (Anissa is even more of a puppy lover than me. I know hard to believe.)

This is Chevy being handed out. After all five were out....here she came. She loved it.

Don't you love how dirty Breck is? We all know she did and it gave her an excuse to change here clothes AGAIN. Breck is holding Heidi and Ash has Sparky. When we took this picture, it was the first time we realized how much Breckyn has grown. Her and Ash have always been a few inches apart. They are 8 months apart, in fact Anissa told me the good news the day she drove me to hospital to have Breck (just a bit of info for you).
3 boys and 2 girls. All safe and sound in their new doghouse. Mom was not quite sure about it yet. Thanks for the help Ness and Ash.

After all the work of getting them out, it took us a few days to figure out when they were born. Well Chevy opened his eyes and we counted back. The date of birth will be......November 17th. Yes, we did not find them for about a week and a half. But it was a lot like it was when I was growing up and hunting for puppies.

A Christmas without puppies would just not feel right!


Evvie Turley said...

I'm so glad you guys found the pups; they are soooooooo cute! The girls are even cuter all dusty after rescuing the puppies. So fun!

Mama Lu and Crew said...

First of all i like how i come up with the name for Ajax animals...and he gets the credit...what is this?!! I'm just kiddin. Anyways the pics of breck took me back to when we had to climb under the ramp to get out sugar's puppies...lol. That was always so fun. Well Love ya.

Three Guys and a Gal said...

OH MY GOSH BRECK HAS GOTTEN WAY TOO BIG!! When I first opened your blog Willie say her and said "Who is that!!" HOly smokes! She is so pretty! I love that hair!! Its funny too that you commented on how big she has gotten too. Because that is the first thing we noticed. Jax is so excited about this post and the fact that Chevy opened his eyes first!! He also said that he is excited that she has long legs like him:)

Manda said...

So CUTE! I love how dirty Breck is.Even covered in dirt she's as cute as ever. Were glad all the puppies are okay.

Tenneys said...

Hey Timar looks like you guys have you hands full! what a cute family! Hey I was wondering if your husband still does wrought iron welding stuff? My mom wants a huge letter B to put up at their cabin! Anyway let me know! 928-368-3266 -hope youre comin this weekend!

Kristina said...

Those pics of Brecken are way too cute! She looks like suck a proud mama!How funny that you got so many white ones....they are soooooo cute!!