Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family Everywhere!

Grandma and Grandpa Taylor. They are fully responsible for what you are about to see. :)

This weekend we got to go to my mom's side of the family's Christmas party, the Taylor family. It is an annual event and gets bigger each year in that our family gets BIGGER each year:)

There were 25 people missing this year that is why our group is so small.

This year it was in Show Low and my Aunt Bev and fam were in charge of it. It began at 11:00 SHARP (in other words 11:45 "Taylor Time") We started in the relief society room with my Grandpa reading the Christmas story out of the Bible and a family picture (yeah).

Then we went in to eat. We all love that part. We had barbecue and salads and junk food and and and.
The the games began.
We had skateboard races, fishing, Loogie (gum) spitting (the men LOVE this the rest of us think it is disgusting), Rudolph nose popping (balloons), toy soldier shot and more.

Cute Magoo!

Here is Breck, Jax, Ryker and Jea

Ajax surprised Maggie with a visit. We were in on it and it was a lot of fun. She was so happy to see him.

We had a gingerbread house making contest by families and with ours, us girls lucked out. Troy, Willie and Morgan did the work and it was amazing. We had a truck, a pooping dog (poop provided by Kinney and M&M), a slide, see-saw, Tiny Tim (man w/1 leg) and a Christmas tree.

There were 7 all together and most of them were really good but my Aunt Debbie's family decided to make fun of our home and make a "redneck trailer". No hard feelings but as Troy told you, we took our tires off years ago LOL.

Yes, Yes, we won. Come on, are you really surprised?

Last of all we had a model contest. We got wrapping paper, ribbon, tape and scissors. Kinney volunteered to wear the creation. Again, Troy and Willie took charge and made him look beautiful. Everyone looked so funny. We were all laughing so hard. I think that is when I lost my voice. They couldn't choose a winner. Oh and do you like his bra? His tiny shorts (provided by Ajax) were also very attractive:)
We ended by cleaning up and saying goodbye to all. It was so fun thanks to everybody who went and to those who didn't and/or couldn't, we missed you.


Three Guys and a Gal said...

I love this post. You got some really good pictures. The one of Kins in his Bra is killing me! It was so good to see you guys I cant wait till Christmas so we can hang out again! What a lucky month for you seeing me twice!! I bet that made your dreams come true!! I love you!