Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Celebrating the birth of Jesus in a fun way
This is just a few of the people who were in it.

We were able to be a part of our stakes first of many Nativity plays? Morgan wanted to go and so I volunteered to be in the choir. When I got there however, I was handed a white dress. I went over and stood with the choir very confused. Then Br. Smith told me I was an angel......I am not sure he REALLY knew who I was LOL. Morgan was a girl in the crowd and when we got home, Keegan threw a fit because he wanted a costume too. Luckily they had one left. He was hesitant at first because of the color but once we reminded him that purple and gold are Queen Creek/Ajax's colors, he was ok.
Aren't they adorable?

We had live animals....chickens, sheep, goats, a cow and a donkey (mini horse)

It was allot of fun. I wasn't sure about standing on the 5 ft. platform that rocked nor was I hip on having to be the "speaking angel" while only lipping it WITH a flippin' spot light on me. Not the best. Morgan walked around with Becca (one of our 2 babysitters) and helped with 3 little girls. They were all so cute. Keegan ended up being a shepherd since he would not leave Tanners side (or I should say....back) :) :)The first night we had the scariest doll EVER playing baby Jesus. Emily/Mary was even scared to sing to it (no lie). As we were all discussing it, a lady over heard us and lent us her little Isabella. She was so cute and they got the best pictures. But, since she had prior engagements..we could not use her the second night. Oh and Bishop said NO live babies....oops. So I took Breckyn's baby (pictured here) and she was the star.

This is a quick pic that I took when Tanner handed of the goat in order to catch another one on the loose. But as we all know, Keegan is tiny and shall we say wimpy. Yes, he dropped it right as my camera flashed. Needless to say we had to tie hay rope around their feet so we didn't have them out in the crowd especially when NOBODY knew how to catch them....they kept on chasing them. I mean...HELLO, they are faster than you. duh LOL

This is Dalton, Lane, Morgan and Keegan. They all look great. Oh, Dalton is Kinney's look-a-like, just a younger version.

OK, now...I will say that at one point during all of this I did get a little ornery. I would not let them put make-up or "gold sprinkles" in my hair. Yes I was very white but why change now. I do believe that there were only 3 of us that made it out with a clean face and non greasy hair.

This Morgan and her friend Hannah w/makeup by mom.

This is what we did at each rehearsal and performance. We all knelt to pray. It was freezing but during those 2 to 5 minutes....nobody noticed.

This was a great way to teach my kids even more about the birth of Jesus. I hope we can do it again