Tuesday, December 16, 2008

At Home With Grandpa

We love you Grandpa!
Here is Grandpa, Breckyn, Morgan, Keegan, Jax and Ryker in front of the fireplace.

When we went to Show Low, we stayed with Grandpa Nikolaus (my dad's dad). I love staying there, it makes me feel little again. We always sleep in the back bedroom which has 2 beds. This time we didn't sleep to well since the wind was blowing so bad that it woke the kids up. so in turn, we woke up everybody with 1 little phone call hehehe.

When we came back from the party, we showed Ajax to his room. We let him know that because we love him, we saved the softest bed for him. At first sight he did not say a word. But after a little bit he was very happy with our gift.

My girls and Ajax just chillin in the "pink bedroom"

Maggie got a little jealous so she had to get in on the action. hehe

Keegan loves to be with Grandpa

Everybody was soooo tired.
That night my cousin Tenney Lee came over with ALL her girls to visit. It was so fun to laugh and make fun everybody. When we went to bed it was really late and it started to snow. Well when we woke up...there it was, about 3.5 inches (or so). The kids were soooo excited to get dressed and go play. We got out the sock hats that Grandma had made and bundled them up. When I was getting them ready, Magoo and Ajax decided to grace us with their presence. I dared him to take off his shirt and do a snow angel in just his shorts. He asked me what I would give him and I told him that I would put him on my post. Well we all know hoe famous my blog is (not). After a little more prodding.......
The only thing is that instead of taking a picture, I recorded him. I think it knocked the wind out of him but you can't hear it. He acted so tough and said it "wasn't bad". But he sure wanted a towel when he got to the door. :) :)

These are my favorite kids in my favorite tree. I grew up climbing the apple trees in the backyard and we have so many pictures taken in THIS tree.

Morgan lasted the longest. She ate the snow and made snow angels. She LOVED it.

Breckyn was glad to get in the warm tub. This is the "pink bathroom" that we ALL bathed in.

Then Grandpa made us waffles and eggs. They were as good as I remember them being.

My mom stopped back by to say goodbye and drop off some gifts so we got a picture of her with the kids and the tree. I am glad that after all that has happened, she still knows that she is loved and welcome at Grandpa's home.

We had a great time and I am so glad that we got to spend time with all sides of the family

Last, we went to Snowflake to see Troy's parents. My camera had died so I used theirs and then they sent them to me. Thanks mom.

We played Battleship and Morgan and I beat Troy. He says it is because Keegan cheated but we all know the truth on that one don't we. :)

Troy got tired and my sweet Breck went over and loved on him and tickled his neck. She can be so nice at times.

Troy and Dad on Craigslist. Troy's favorite store.

Ajax was a little tired I think. He crammed a lot of visiting into 24 hours.

Grandma and Breck making grilled tuna and cheese sandwiches. Yummy.

Eating and yes that is Keegan eating....an apple. Look close it doesn't happen to often.

After we ate and visited a little more, we headed for home. It was a smooth ride home and a good end to the perfect weekend. We are so blessed to have such a large and loving family.



Three Guys and a Gal said...

That is such a good post! Those pictures are seriously priceless!!

Evvie Turley said...

Ok so I love all the pics. of your fun weekend, but I am VERY mad at you! You came to Snowflake and didn't even let me know!!! C'mon, we're still friends now, aren't we?? Don't let it happen again, little missie!

Mama Lu and Crew said...