Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Can You Believe I Allowed This?

So as we all know, rain is not something we see to often. But, the other night we got quite a bit of it. My friend Anissa's girls had spent the night and so they were all out playing. A little bit later everyone came in except for..... you guessed it Breckyn. They told me that she was in the mud, I went to check and low and behold she was IN the mud.
As you can see, she didn't bother to change and when told she was getting a spanken....well you can see how much she cared. The other kids decided that it looked fun and asked to join. We all know that I am not like I used to be. I Don't Like Mud. But I let them play (in their swimsuits).
They played in Breckyn's little puddle for a minute and then I remembered about the re tension Troy had dug to catch the rain and sent them to check it out. They were yelling and screaming about how much water there was. They had so much fun.

The girls take aim at Keegan.

Well, they got him.

After they decided to play horses, Ashlyn showed Breckyn how "horses drink", Breckyn learned well and Ash was proud.

This is Ashlyn, Breckyn's BFF. I love this picture even if her hair is short Mike.

After they ran, jumped and splashed for a bit, we hosed them off and let them "swim" in Troy's Hot Tub.

So all in all it was a fun day and it wore them out. I'm glad I "chilled" out enough to let them get so dirty and have so much fun. FYI Keegan is white, so even if it is only 15 minutes in the sun, Cover Him From Head To Toe With Sun Screen. Poor boy takes after his mother.