Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And Yes, We Hire Them Out

Troy tried and tried to get the lights hooked up on Whitey but had to call in the recruits. Cheap child labor, works every time. LOL


Hambrick said...

Hey there lost friend, it's me, Stacy Hambrick. I was blog bouncing on Kristina's blog and saw that you started blogging and I wanted to say Hi. Cute family. Ican't believe how they have all grown. Check us out at wwwittakesavillage.blogspot.com

Angie and Kyle said...

Hey Timar! I found your blog through Brant and Katie's and just had to leave you a message. Your blog is darling and I can't believe how much your cute kids have grown! Hope you and Troy and the rest of the clan are doing wonderful! ~Angie Mickelson (Fletcher).