Sunday, June 22, 2008

Growing Up

I can't believe how fast the kids are growing up and these pictures just prove it. Morgan is getting so knowledgeable about life and the emotions that come with it. She also is starting to show here "Blondness", but don't say anything it makes her mad. The other day Crae came over to ride, when he knocked I told Morgan to "get the door", she said "where is it?" I could not help but laugh. Keegan is still Keegan, he can talk the ear off a post. He is so sweet and is always making sure we know that he thinks we're "the best parents in the world", what a little suck up LOL. Now I know why ALL the adults at school want to "keep" him. He is getting so big that he can now hook himself up at night, I'm still deciding if that is a good thing or not. Well Breckyn, what can you say about her other than I think she was supposed to be a boy. She is ALWAYS outside and goes through so many outfits everyday. I can't even count how many clothes she has ruined. Real quickly, a little story of Breckyn. Last Sunday Keegan told me that she got in trouble in Primary, it seems that she climbed under the table and was tickling the chorister's legs. LOL. We love her and know that with her around we will never be without laundry and of coarse a smile.


Kayla said...

super cute! Brecken is so big. I think that for some reason, of all of your kids, she is the one that will forever be frozen in my mind at age like 2:) who knows why?