Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Tests?

So as most of you know, Keegan started vomiting again at the end of the school year. When we took him in, they said that his Fundo had not been "compromised". which means his surgery is still in tact. But, the vomiting is caused by yet another disorder called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome or CVS. We had to take him to a Neurologist to confirm and she said that she wanted to test him in order to rule out seizures. I know, what next? So, last Tuesday he went in for a MRI. He did great, laying completely still for 35 minutes. Of coarse it helped that he got to go to a new image center that has glasses that you wear and watch a movie through. He watched Star Wars (surprise, surprise). The tech loved him and she and the other tech let him pick a picture of his head and bring it home.

Then, this Tuesday we took him in for an EEG. He had 25 wires on his head and 2 on his heart. He had to have strobe lights in his face for 2 minutes and then breathe like he was blowing up a balloon for 3 minutes. Then they had him roll onto his side, covered him with a blanket and lay in the dark. After a while he finally fell asleep and they were able to finish after just over an hour. He is a trooper. I guess he should be used to it all by now, but I kind of thought it was all over with. We are still waiting on the results and pray that they do NOT find what they are looking for. We'll keep you informed.