Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Visit From Chey-Chey

Back in February we were lucky enough to have my little sister Cheyanne spend the weekend with us. First we had a girls night with Chey, Aunt Donna, Tracy and me. We went to Johnny Rockets to eat and watch the staff dance to the oldies. Then we went and watched a movie. After that, 3 of us went back to Aunt Donna's to play the Wii. It was so much fun, we laughed so hard that I, well, I, um, ya, OK anyway it was fun. Oh and the fondue was yummy too. The next day we played in the mud all day. The kids loved having her here, she is so much fun to be around. Then Troy and her had a tether ball game where she BROKE A NAIL! ouch We also (of coarse) went to Bahama Bucks for a much needed girls hour out. That night we had Aunt Donna, Uncle John, Blake, Mike, Anissa, Tyler, Makena and Ashlyn over for a cook out and bonfire. It was great, we had Troy's Dutch oven Peach Cobbler yum and we made smores. Sunday morning Chey cooked us a HUGE breakfast which my family is soooo not used to. It was a great treat. But Chey did get it from Troy, (just as I always do) when she put ketchup on her hash browns. He thinks we are so wierd. But we of coarse know the truth.

Oh yes, we just found out that Chey will be going to Honduras to volunteer in an orphanage in August. That is so cool. We are proud of you and hope you have a great time. We will miss you. Love Ya Babe!