Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So Sad - Written by Morgan

Four weeks ago my dog Zip had five puppies. Then four days after my other dog Lady had seven, but one puppy died. We named them Dora, Buddy, Zorro, Cody, Jack, Gabby,Patch, Lucky, Night, Skunk, Uno. About a week ago it got really hot and seven puppies died. The ones who survived are Dora, Patch, Night, Skunk.


deb said...

Morgan.....that is such a good blog! I don't even know how to do them and I'm really old. You did a great job! I'm so sorry about your puppies though. :( Keep up the good work. Love, aunt debbie

Brant Nikolaus said... did such a good post! The pictures are very cute. I am sorry that your puppies died. It was so good to see you in St. George. I was especially impressed with your softball playing. You are soooooooo good.

Sherry Atkinson said...

Hi Morgan,
Grandpa & Grandma are so proud of you and what you posted on the blob, Great Job! You always have sch a big heart for people, animals, and life. We are so sorry that the puppies died, but remember they are in heaven playing with Grandpa Pringle.
We are really proud of your achievements in softball! We love and miss you, but we will see you soon.
Love you bunches!
G & G Atkinson

Natrat said...

Hey Morgan! I hear you are quite the softball player-like your mom!!! You look so cute in the pictures with your puppies. What kind of dogs are they? They are all so cute!!! I am so glad some of them made it through the heat. I will have to come over and bring my boys Ethan and Lucas to see your animals. What animals do you have?

lilmustang said...

Miss Morgan, way too cool that you are able to write an awesome blog! Even though some puppies died there is always a reason for everything - you are now able to take better care of the puppies you still have - the others are happy where they are and will always be thankful for knowing you! Come see us soon! Love You Muches!!! Your Fav Aunt Tamara!!