Monday, May 26, 2008

Keegan's Busy Month

Keegan has been very busy the last few weeks. First he has had 12 T-ball games where his favorite position is catcher. He also loves to hit and he did get a few home runs. His best friend was Tanner who he will get to play with again next year. I helped coach and we had alot of fun. I love that stage in ball.

Then HE TURNED 7. He had a star wars party (of coarse) and he had about 29 kids and 15 adults. There were so many that the Pinata candy did not go far.
He then started having stomach pains and started vomiting which he is not supposed to be able to do, so he had to go in for tests to figure out our next step.

Finally he graduated from Kindergarten and all of the kids made tie died shirts with the school colors, Green and Gold (I know, Cougar colors). He loved school and was at the top of his class. He will miss Mrs. Acosta alot. Keegan is a very happy boy and loves life, now if we could only get him to even LIKE food.


deb said...

Keegan.....I can't believe you're so big!!! love, aunt debbie