Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Soon to be PRIVATE!

To all my loved ones,

Troy heard about a kid that was abducted out by us and the police said that they had found them through their family's blog. This is so scary and SAD that the world has become such a disgusting place that we cannot even keep in contact with friends and family without jeopardizing our safety.

I would like to get as many of you on my list as I can. Please let me know your email addresses if I don't already have them, so I can send you an invite. Your comments on this post that include your email, will not be published so nobody else will see your address. I will continue seeking out old friends and family through Facebook and give more invites.

Please make sure that you do this soon so that you can continue watching our family grow.

Love you all,
Timar Lu
Morgan will also be going private so I will send you an invite for hers too.


Bo and Linds said...

Hey I need your help so I can do the same because I too have been hearing creepy things about people getting on eachothers blogs. So if you wouldn't mind sending me an email letting me know how to do it I would appreciate it.

Three Guys and a Gal said...

Oh I love your new blog`meaning all the backdrop and the header. You do really creative things I love it!!