Friday, January 30, 2009

Family, Family, Family & Friends

We have been very blessed this past month to be able to spend so much time with family that we seldom see.


First we had Troy's family Christmas party and all but Tonya's family was here. It was at our house and we let the kids play outside, borrowed Fancy Britches, opened presents and ATE.

Tiff and Morg, Tamara, Devyn, Fancy, Morgan & Kirk, Devyn & Drake

Then my family cam for my niece Madisen's baptism. It was fun to see everybody although it was a short visit.....well with my family it usually is.

Lil Derek, Raigan, Peyton, MADISEN, Keegan, Morgan, Breckyn and Uncle Kinney

Chey and Madi, the 2 girls playing with the cellphones (favorite toy of the day) & the boys chit-chatting away
Madisen's yummy cake. Made by her aunt Shey (sp?) on Derek's side.

Then my nephew Lil Derek turned 12 (a day after McKinney reported to the MTC). He was ordained a Deacon and my family once again made a trip to AZ. This time it was a little longer YEAH, my sister Jill and her boys came AND they stayed at my house 1 of the nights (thanks for the trailer Kandi & Adam).

All Dressed Up....Our Missionaries in Training

We were also able to plan a day of fun. The morning didn't go quite as planned....Chey, Jill and I were going to have brunch at H....well never mind where hehehe. But after we went to our good friend Lane Tebbs' baptism, we had them all out for some fun.

Cowboy Spike

Smarty Pants on Fancy Britches :)

We once again borrowed Fancy Britches (thanks Anissa and Mike) :) We rode the golf cart, four wheeler and the horses. Even Chey rode...this is important because she does not like horses.

Chey on Moon, attempting Fancy j/k and she even rode Too Tall

Uncle Troy...always a hit with the kids. hmmmmm wonder why???

Another very important family that came was that of a good friend from high school. David Mowers and his wife Tamara and little girls, Addy & Elle came. It was so great to see him, it has been about 9 years. I got to meet his girls and Tamara whom I have been visiting with for a while through Facebook. LOOOOVE IT! THANKS FOR COMING!!!

Daddy & Addy (i love that)

We had our traditional bonfire, roasted hot dogs and yes, Troy mode cobbler. 3 kinds and to my dismay, the Blueberry was a huge hit....ugh. I'll stick to Apple and Peach.

It got cold and we were tired. Maggie, Chey, Morgan and RaRa decided to sleep outside. RaRa's allergies got to her and since she had to sing the next day...she skipped out. Mike and Anissa came around 10:30 - 11:00 and by the time they left, Chey and Maggie were asleep. We made Morgan go sleep in the trailer with my mo, Jill, Breckyn, Keegan, Jax and Ryker. Troy and I went inside...oh poor us.

The next morning we all had a few hours before we had to get ready. the little kids played outside some more and the older girls went on a trail ride with Troy and Jim.

Great looking bunch, wouldn't you say?

and now....

Random Pictures

Playing with the puppies

Ryker's face in the morning...hehe

Little Cowboys

.....No Words Needed

What a wonderful way to start the new year. And to add to little sisters will be back a week from today!! I love my family so much and I realize how much their influence has helped make me, well me.
I LOVE YOU ALL.........Family AND Friends.


Evvie Turley said...

Wow, what a weekend! Great pics and it's awesome hearing about your adventures together. You have an awesome family and wonderful friends to boot!

Stacey said...

I hope you framed the pic of Troy and Keegan walking away reminded me of a christian contemporary song where the words are "Lord, I wanta be just like you 'cause he wants to be like me" SOOO cute. Stacey

Three Guys and a Gal said...

I love that post!! You got some really good pictures!! I wish we were there right now!