Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Day

We did not wake up until McKinney yelled at us at 7:00. That is what time we are usually starting breakfast. We all lined up, youngest to oldest and went down stairs. When we first start, everyone gets a present and then opens them at the same time and then it is a free for all. Troy didn't like this a t first because you couldn't see what everybody got but now that he realizes...if it take 1 1/2 hours to open all at the same time, it would take 4 hours to watch everybody. It works.

This is Breck and Keeg when we first walked downstairs.

This is Grandma Lu reading the letter from Santa. Morgan asked him how old he was and how many elves he had. That is her surprised face :)

This is Morgan's new breast collar to go with her saddle. She loves it and big Morgan did a great job on the tooling and staining.

Keegan got his Ultimate Lightsaber kit among other things.

Breckyn won the prize for the most excited over a gift. Her Mr. Potato Head

We are not sure why, but all the little kids love Uncle Troy

Ok.....Breckyn Daisy, Dressing Daisy doll (from caring friends)Baby Daisy Duck sweater(from G&G Taylor). See, I am not the only one that is extremely proud of her name.
A little of the mess after opening.

This is Maggie's new bed. Troy helped put it together. Aren't they so cute? This is Kinney's last Christmas at home before leaving on his mission this month.
After we ate and got ready, we went to my Dad and his wife Shauna's house to open gifts and eat a little. She made some real yummy soup and had some pie too.
My Dad made my kids and Willie's kids roping dummies. They are so cute/cool. This is Keegan carrying ours out. They also each got a movie that they had asked for. Thanks Dad.

When we got back to my Mom's, we played with all the toys and then had a yummy turkey dinner. While we were there we also had HOMEMADE TOAST (in the oven) and HOT CHOCOLATE......My favorite food of all time.
It was a great Christmas day and we all were very blessed with wonderful gifts. My kids along with toys and movies, got Sunday clothes from my Mom. Keegan even got his first suit that was of course to big (ya ya ya) so we will be getting a smaller one this weekend. I can't wait to see my little man.