Saturday, February 13, 2010

Go Strikers FC

Morgan had her first Competitive Soccer tournament this weekend. This is her and her friend Abi. Abi came with to cheer her on. :) :)

Morgan and her biggest fans. We were all really excited (even though Keeg doesn't look it), to watch her play again.

Stretchin......She is #17. She got this from her favorite softball pitchers...#7 Hillary (ASU) and #10 Katie (ASU-World Champion 2008)....together = 17. Kinda funny that she picked softball pitcher's #s for her soccer # LOL

Look at her go!!!!!

I love to see her happy :)
Yup, that's right...captain. Her and Shelby, we won the toss.

I love that they are learning sportsmanship. They all have to take a knee when a player is hurt and remain there until they are off the field. This is not a new thing in sports, but it is for a young division. I am very glad about that.

So in the end...they did not win any of their 3 games...BUT, they played well and learned a lot. They had only 4 practices before the tourney because of all the rain we have had. So I really think they did good. At the end of this month their regular season will start and then they will have another tournament...Utah Summer Games. I am glad that out of the 3 teams that asked her to play, she chose Coach Pascal, who is French (Morg really likes that cause "they know a lot more about soccer there" LOL). He is great and is really determined to teach them the game and not just win (although, he wants that too haha).


Kristina said...

You guys look SO happy...really, really happy!