Thursday, February 4, 2010

CHILE....Here Comes Sister Nikolaus



This is the video I took of Chey opening her call. I have never been good at shooting action footage....and it shows here LOL. I am sure you figured out that, Cheyanne will be entering the MTC on April 14, 2010, to begin her mission to be served in Santiago East, Chile (Spanish speaking)

I am so proud of her. A year ago, she would have never even thought of taking this on. But since being home from Honduras and missing the service she was able to give....she changed her mind. They will be so happy and blessed to have her there.

My kids are all very excited for her. They haven't come to terms with the "gone for 18 months" thing yet. That will be hard but it will be something we will face when it arises.

Here are some pictures of the "Call Opening" night :) :)

Chey...holding her call

Chey and our proud Mom (after the tears)

Shauna, Chey & Dad (also very proud)

Chey pointing to her Mission...Elder Nikolaus is serving above in Mexico City South. AND by the way...I guessed where she was going. That's right, I'm the WINNER LOL

Ok, this is actually the night before...but I love this picture of Chey and Tinkerbell. It was definitely a Kodak moment :) :)


Staffords! said...

That is so Awesome I just got chill's watching the video! She will be such a great missionary!!