Monday, March 30, 2009

Go Sun Devils!!

I made these little cards for the girls to put on their mirrors (I was bored)

Morgan's softball season has started and they have played 3 games. The 1st game Morgan pitched for her 1st time in a game or off a mound. The first inning she pitched to 6 batters and struck out 3. Then when she went back in it was like she was a different girl (me) throwing all over the place. We took her out and when we got home I talked to her to find out what the change was and she said that her "mind just starts wandering". LOL So we worked on staying focused and in the 3rd game she started again.


She did amazing. She pitched 3 innings (the whole game), faced 19 batters. She hit 2 (in the foot), walked 7, picked up 2 grounders and got 1 out at 1st and then struck out 8. Each time she came off the field she was beaming. She hugged Coach Eric & I and all the girls jumped around was so fun and a little silly too.


She is the oldest on the team and the girls really look to her and like her "to smile" while she pitches. She figured out how to stay focused and it worked. She was also very happy when the Blue said that she was faster than some of the girls in Majors and she heard the coach from the other team say "I know she is really fast, but you can do it. Just touch it and it will fly".

Release (it was a strike)

Her team is the Sun Devils which of course is her dream come true to wear the ASU colors AND to be #7 like Katie Burkhart, the championship pitcher. She loves to play which obviously pleases me. Now we just have to get her to SWING the bat. She is not "comfy" in the box. :)

Here is a pitch and an over throw?? Since I coach, I can't get a lot of pictures. I'll try to do the way, this pitch was a strike. Turn off the music to hear it.


Three Guys and a Gal said...

Thats my GIRL!!! Way to go MORGONA!!

Katie Nikolaus said...

Yay, Morgan! That's me and Ali cheering for you all the way in Minnesota! Maybe someone should make you a Custom headband to match your uniform...