Saturday, November 22, 2008

Football Season Comes to an End For QC/Ajax

Queen Creek Bulldogs!
Ajax-one of our "teens"

Since Maggie and Kinney came to Arizona back in September, we have been to nearly every QC game. After the first one, we decided to get babysitters and make a date out of it. We had so much fun and by the end of the season, Troy was standing to watch the games. In the beginning he wanted everyone to sit down. Now he sees why it is easier to be on your feet when the game gets intense. I really enjoyed being with him and sharing something that I love with him.
Here are a few pics of Ajax playing and him with his dad Bart and with Maggie.

There are a few games that stand out to us. Queen Creek vs Higley for sure. My cousin Blake plays for Higley so it made it even more fun to watch. Plus my Uncle John was taking pictures of the game and got a few with Ajax in them.

#70, who is jumping and touching the banner, is Blake. It was Senior Night for him.

This game was my 2nd favorite. First of all this is the "rival" team. The stands were filled. The Bulldogs were losing bad, until the end of the 3rd quarter. Then they woke up and played the best 1 1/2 quarters EVER! and won the game.

Last night was my favorite game. They were playing Green Way for State Playoffs and everyone was pumped for it. But at the beginning of the week, they lost a boy named Lorin who had been their guard, #62 last season. He had cancer and lost the battle. The community seemed to really come together. Lorin's favorite color was red and so the text messages started around to let everyone know to wear red to the game. When we got to there, we saw that the team and even the cheerleaders were wearing red socks.

At the beginning of the game, they let 62 red balloons go in honor of him and his #62 jersey is at the top of the press box. I didn't know him at all but I still got teary eyed during the presentation and again when I saw his parents walk into the stands and sit surrounded by family.

Ok, then the game started. Let me just say that Ajax may be a little short for his liking....but it has absolutely NO effect on how tough he is on the field. He had so many tackles and a GREAT, HARD quarterback sack. He even knocked the quarterback out of bounds and when Ajax got up...he still lied there for a few seconds. I think that is when he really started to watch for #57.

My camera is not very good when it comes to football games. The lights I guess. So I tried recording him play a little. If you can find him....he is the last man on the line closest to you and always the last one down into position. I think this is because he is so wound up, that he cannot be still for 2 seconds. If ever you want to find him...just look for the one pacing or jumping up and down:-) Hopefully you can find him and see one of his many tackles.

SO I HAD TO PUT THIS SHORT CLIP ON. It is so funny, at least to me. If you watch Ajax and will see them step at the exact same time and they even do a cross over thing. Well I thought it was funny.

Well to make a long story short (haha). We ended up losing at the very end of the game by 1 STINKING POINT. 21 us 22 them. It was horrible to know that we would not see him play again but at least the team played a great game and went down being able to hold their heads high. Even Ajax was ok. He even talked, smiled and took pictures afterward. The last game they lost, we were lucky to get a hug :) He is very competitive.....complete opposite of my family hehe.
Alright boy, with this picture you had better realize how much we love you. I HATE PICTURES OF ME!

Well Ajax, you have had a heck of a season and we are so happy to have had the opportunity and privilege of being there with you. You are an amazing athlete and an even better "teen". We are proud of you!!!


Stephanie said...

I loved this post!!! It made me cry all over again. I am so sad his football days are over!! I love all the pictures especially the first one-how is every other player blurry and he stands out? so cool!
Thank you for coming to his games and supporting him! You guys are awesome and we appreciate all you have done for him!!! Thank you!!!
Happy Happy Thanksgiving to your family!

Mom of #57

Three Guys and a Gal said...

Oh High School football. How I miss it!! You look really cute in your picture and I am glad that it was there. It was nice to have a familiar face on this post! lol I loved it!!

Olivia said...

Oh how cute! You are really good at taking pictures! Ummm i am coming riding with crae so i can ride moon and one of the paints!! Ok?