Saturday, November 1, 2008

3 Nights of Halloween......Long Post

Painting Pumpkins

Breckyn loves to write "B s"

See how his mouth forms when he's concentrating?

My Artist!

Getting Ready


Well this is the first year that the kids have had to have anything really done on their faces, so Troy got to help out this year. He huffed at first but after the first one, he really enjoyed it.
I love him.

Morgan, my Twisted Witch! She loved having black fingernails, streaks in her hair and LONG shiny eyelashes. She looked beautiful.Keegan of course wanted to be a cowboy. I told him that it wasn't a costume if he looked like that all the time. So he added a beard and walla...he's his dad:)
My Breckyn was going to be Dora, but with all of her hair..the wig wouldn't fit. She decided to be a cheerleader. The numbers are for Ajax-57 and the Nikolaus Family-15. She likes to do cheers with her BFF, Ashlyn.

"Trunk or Treat"
On Wednesday our ward had its annual trunk or treat. We also had chili and cornbread. I was really good until Troy pulled out a LONG BLACK piece of hair........DONE. The kids love to go because they don't have to walk allot and get a ton of candy. This is also the only place where Troy passes out candy because nobody comes to our house (surprising?).

We had to take something over to Ajax's house and so we decided to stop by the new library. The kids went in and loved it, it is huge and has a ton of books. But even though we live in Queen Creek, we don't live in Maricopa County. We live in Pinal :(, so we have to pay $50.00 to get a card. So, we went outside and rode their bikes.

"Trick or Treat"

And finally....we went to the McCleve's as we have done for the past 4 years and went "trick or treating" around their subdivision. The houses are all about 1 1/2 acres apart and every year the kids start complaining about being tired halfway around. So this year we took the middle seat out of the van, opened the back gate and piled in. There was only a few whines and we got done in record time. The kids don't go to many houses, but because of that, there are not many kids so they get a ton of candy.
So here we have all of the kids. These 6 spend more time together than anyone I know. There was the "Ghost Rider"-Tyler, "Twisted Witch"-Morgan, "Troy the Cowboy"-Keegan, "Rodeo Clown"-Makena, "Cheerleader"-Breckyn and "Dorthy(she called it a princess)"-Ashlyn. Aren't they the cutest kids EVER?

OK, here's the deal. Anissa has been trying to get a picture of me ever since I put one of her on my blog. So here she tries....but I got her instead (I am quick with the camera). Later.....again she tries but does not succeed unless you consider my hair and arm to be a picture. Sorry Ness you are no match with my picture dodging skills. haha:)

This is the kids with "Grandma and Grandpa" or Dan and Geri our backyard neighbors for the past 8 years.

All in all it was a fun week and the kids had a blast. They are already picking out what they want to be next year.


Three Guys and a Gal said...

after I look at all ur cute pictures. I once again will have a lot of blogging questions for you in the next couple of days. I love your kids Halloween costumes. It makes me wish you lived closer so I could fill the buckets up with candy and give them big kisses that they would hate and I would love!

Jennifer said...

The kids looked so cute! Tell Keegan he looked just like his Dad :) I think we are going to try and come down for the Queen Creek and Higley game so maybe we will see you soon.