Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Poor Keeg

My Poor Little Boy!!
So, the same hour that I got a phone call about Morgan's award... I got another one from the school about Keegan. They told me that he had had an accident on the playground. Sinking heart instantly. But Miss Caroline told me he was ok and that he had ice on his eye. I asked if i needed to come and she said she didn't think so. I called back an hour later to check on him and she said that he was very tough and had gone back to class. Apparently while playing Wall Ball, he and another kid collided and Keegan hit the boy's head with his eye. She also asked if I was going to take a picture of it. I said of course. She giggled and said "he told us you would. He said you had ruined him when he was little with all the pictures." I laughed so hard. Keegan LOVES pictures of himself, USUALLY. Today not so much.
This is the first picture, the only way I could get it was by getting in it with him. He has a very pretty shiner. Hopefully he is not so upset about it tomorrow :)