Thursday, July 30, 2009

Number 9

On June 29, Keegan went in for his 9th surgery (that averages out to be more than 1 a year). This time was for his tonsils & adenoids to be removed......pretty standard right?

Because he is Keegan...they decided to keep him in over night "just in case". As you can see he looks good and got to get out on time.

But that was short lived. Morgan is helping take care of him too. He was in a lot of pain and to no surprise, he refused to eat or drink. We didn't see a problem because we can feed him through is G-tube....BUT NO, because he wasn't eating or drinking, he started to grow bacteria in his throat and his muscles started spasming. So.....

Back to the hospital we go, for 4 more days. UGH!
The girls got to come and go to the playroom to paint bird houses with Keegan.
Now he is out and doing great. Let's all pray that "Number 9" will be the last!!!