Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday in the Mountains.....

Breckyn, Tyler, Bannon, Kena, Ashlyn, Keegan, Morgan Love them!


Yesterday, we left around 1:00 and went up to Pinal Mountain and met our friends Anissa, Mike, Tyler, Makena, Ashlyn, Kayle, Cara & Bannon, in Globe and headed out. About 30 minutes and we went from Globe (ugh) to PINES.

It was so pretty up there. It reminded me so much of Young i.e. SlideRock, where we used to go with the Taylor family every year camping.




The kids had a great time running around and playing ball. They also went EXPLORING and Morgan and Makena went for a walk and recorded it.....that will be fun to watch :)

Kayle & Keegan

The girls & Keegan (falling down the hill)

Bannon too cute
Our food was sooo good. I love doing outdoor cooking....mainly because Troy does all of it and even cleans it up :) :) :) We had steak, fried potatoes, salad and of course Cobbler and S'mores.

My Kids
Morgan is a natural, Keegan so serious & Breckyn HAD to climb the tree :)

It was a beautiful day and it was fun to sit and visit. I got to know Cara a lot better and that was fun... Ok, 1 funny thing that happened to me......there are no flat spots where we were so when I went to sit in my chair, I fell backwards/sideways. I was laughing so hard. Mike and Cara helped me, well I actually had to do a volleyball roll (over my shoulder) to get out, but they were very supportive. LOL

Troy better get a bigger gun!!

All in all it was FABULOUS!!!!


Three Guys and a Gal said...

I am so proud of myself I checked your blog before you even told me you updated! YAY! I love the pictures! I am alittle jealous. We never do anything like that. Sad but true. I am still laughing over you falling off your chair. I can picture it and hear you laugh!:)

The McCleve's said...

Your pictures turned out really cute! I still need to get mine developed. Since I forgot my good camara, and had to buy throw away ones! Curious to see whats on the one Makena took! Scary!!! Thanks for the good time that day. Need to do it again soon!

Evvie Turley said...

Great day! Great pics too. I lost your blog address after you went private and just found you again on Anissa's. Thank goodness! Looks like you guys are having fun and doing well. What's up for the summer? You coming up here at all? Call me if you are-i'd love to see you guys!