Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yes I Am!

Well I finally went private, which I guess you know since you are reading this. I decided I'd better update since it has been a while. SO I AM.....

When Chey and Maggie came down to visit and to celebrate Ajax's 18th B-Day....Chey, Troy and I went to the Renaissance Festival. We only had a few hours, so we didn't get to see or do as much as we would have liked too. But the ONE thing we wanted to do was to ride an Elephant. We honestly didn't know that Troy wanted to ride too, so we rudely handed him our things and asked him to take pictures. The guy on the back?????We did not know him(even though he does look a little like my brother-in-law Aaron). Our elephant started to POOP and the trainer told him to wait (don't recall exact words) and he did. Then the trainer ran and got a wheel barrow and told him it was ok and he did his business. It was so funny. We were on the back of him so we had to get the full story from Troy.

This is inside of the elephants trunk hehe, he liked Troy and kept grabbing his arm so Troy snapped a pic. Gross.

Troy turns it and Ajax doubles awwwwww the crowd goes wild hehe

That night we gave Ajax his gifts....Maggie had my Dad make him a small roping dummy, Chey gave him a "little" blue rope to go with it and we gave him a rope bowl made by my Grandpa Taylor #188. Also, he once had made the comment that he didn't like new ropes because they look plastic and he liked the rough, old my Dad sent down the rope we gave him for Christmas last year (which is now very used & has won a pretty penny). Ajax seemed to enjoy all of them. I guess it looks like we are trying to make him a country boy...but I think he always has been one at heart.

Our kids had gotten one for Christmas from Papa Bill, so we got it out along with their ropes and everyone (minus me of course) took turns with the dummies.

We ended his birthday around the fire and of course had candles on Troy's cobbler.

As a side note...a few days after his birthday, Ajax got his letter of acceptance to

Westpoint Academy, New York!

We are so proud of him, as well as EVERYBODY else in our fam. It just goes to show what an amazing guy he is (even if he does still call me mam). It takes A LOT to get in and he did it.

We had so much fun with the girls here and I hope they had fun too. We also learned/realized a few things: Johnny Rockets is yummy(as long as they don't sing & dance A? Ajax), the "celebration" was safe & hilarious, flying is soooo much better than driving, the "twins" are so funny, PB&J sandwiches are just as good as Subway, fires make you smile, Troy's cobbler rocks and Chey,......


Come Back Soon!!!!